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I should probably post something video game related instead of just pictures of my dog, before I get baned. So how about that Monster Hunter beta?


Bonus birthday picture for Panda, since she wanted a picture of snow.


This dog post is for Panda for her birthday, and not just an excuse to post another picture of my new puppy. Happy birthday!! And also happy belated birthday to Wes and Larx :)


It only took five months, but I finally re-Focused and finished up FFXIII-3. It's a shame no one liked the first one, because I feel like each one was better than the last. Except for freaking Hope.


Animal Crossing


I guess this was released already


Monday afternoon puzzle


Just watched The Last Jedi. I enjoyed it. But I also enjoyed Rogue One and the prequels, so, you know. Also, happy New Year, everyone!


Saturday afternoon puzzle


Starting my four-day weekend right! Half of the Champions' Ballad, Overwatch for the first time in forever, pulled the Pharah Frostbite skin I've wanted AND the Sombra Rime skin everyone else wants. Did a few FFXV chapters. Normally I'm getting home now..


Finished closing out the year at work, and magically all my stress is gone. Finally able to spend some quality time catching up with the video games I've been neglecting for the past month and a half


To everyone celebrating Christmas Eve tonight: please please please keep an eye on your grandmas! Don't let them drink too much eggnog, and if they do, definitely do NOT let them walk home alone tonight!!


So... who here enjoys Ascension a lot? Just wondering..... Thank you, Secret Santa!! I'm excited to play this, it looks pretty fun!


Wife's Birthday or Monster Hunter... Monster Hunter or Wife's Birthday... Hm...


Game of the Wi- Game of the Year!


My wife got a bunch of shelves and other furniture that she wants all assembled before her family visits for Christmas. Current status:


PS4 is all set up! Now I just need games... I added some of you already, but if anyone else wants to add me, my PSN is BreakInfinity27 [Bump for friendship again]


Sounds like I missed all the excitement earlier... but I found some games!


My wife dragged me out for "Black Friday" shopping, and this happened... have to wait a few days for games because the ones I wanted were sold out


Add me too!


No one else got these today? :( Some of my favorite ones so far!


Finished Lady Layton. It was enjoyable enough, although most of the writing reminded me of the Clue Jr. books.


Finally all moved in! Time to unpack these bad boys! Still need to start on Mario too...


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