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To celebrate my 30th birthday today, everyone* gets to take today off! Please enjoy all the parades, cookouts, and cake in your area! [*US & Canada Only; Some Restrictions May Apply]


Giving Generations Ultimate a shot with my wife. 3DS version was ruined for us by a scumbag, and World was ruined by not being able to play together... hopefully this is the one we can finally get back into. Feel free to join if you see our Hall open!


My wife and I finished Overcooked 2 tonight, 3-starring every level (still need to unlock a couple Kevin levels). Even with random wireless lag issues, it seemed a lot easier than the first game. Still a ton of fun and great for bonding!


Sunday Craving


My work just hired my wife! Fools won't even know what hit them.


Played Paladins some more to try out more characters during their free weekend thing. Found a couple more that I liked (Inara and Ying), but not enough to grind for them or anything. Anyway, finished playing and saw this amazing news!


Dumbass me scheduled a conference call right at 10 AM. Smash Direct probably isn't a good enough reason to cancel either :(


Probably late, but I just saw that TWEWYFR will have a two player co-op mode. That means it will be a lot easier for me to convince my wife to try it, love it, and steal it from me like Octopath Traveler. Where I still don't have everyone. Sweet!


Apparently this is my life now... who needs video games anyway?


#plushtoid has only reminded me that we still have a ton of junk to unpack and set up almost a year after moving...


Tried out Paladins on Switch. Of course the only character I was decent with (Lian) was a free rotation character, so I'll probably never be decent again :/ It was fun enough though, I'll probably play it whenever I'm too lazy to play Overwatch


Please ban:


My wife is hogging Octopath Traveler. Unluckiest Friday the 13th ever D:


Octo x Octo++ Edition


Finished Monster Hunter World tonight. Amazing game, but it was also a lot harder to enjoy without my usual hunting team all able to play with me and get each other through all the fainting and grinding :( [Four in February 3/4]


Got a second NES Classic ...controller! Finally! Apparently most Gamestops got a nice huge restock of 2 controllers per store today.


Got absorbed in FFXV all yesterday and finished it tonight. The brotrip adventure my friends and I used to dream about being cool enough to have. I'm sure plenty of people felt this way, but I really saw parts of myself and my friends in these characters.


My favorite co-worker quit unexpectedly today. Luckily I decided to go in for half a day so I got to say goodbye. Current status:


Spent the morning picking the bones off Toys R Us' corpse (RIP). Going to use them to display all of the junk we bought from them over the years.


I can't tell if I'm awful at FFXV's combat, underleveled, or if this is just Potions: The Game :/


Wife and I finished Overcooked! Had no issues 3-starring every level until the last world came along and SOMEONE wouldn't stay with their soup.....


There are no Whole Foods or Trader Joe's anywhere near me. I guess we have Wegmans? Sex. #MyBattlefield


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