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Charlotte's PSTV article made me remember that I guess I actually have a PSN account. Not sure what I can do with it on a PSTV aside from messages and showing off my 3 trophies, but feel free to add me: BreakInfinity27 [Bump for friendship]


Two Truths and a Lie: A) I have owned 3 Wii U's. B) I bought my Wii U specifically for the Modern 8-Bit Mario amiibo. C) I own every US-released amiibo figure. || If you get it right, you can AMA me too, I guess.


Waaaaay back in high school, my best friend and I took turns writing chapters of a story (like Dinosir's) that was a bunch of random characters on a quest. Miitopia was the closest thing to playing a video game of that story, and that was awesome for me.


I always believed in you Walmart never doubted you not for a minute wasn't freaking out nope never thank you


Did a little bit of gaming cleanup this weekend. Went back and finished FFX-2, so my Four in February is FINALLY finished! It got a little better at the end, but it's still probably my least favorite FF game. Also got out of Oil Ocean and beat Sonic Mania


Metroid squishiness 10/10


Two Truths and a Lie: 1) My first console was a Sega Genesis. 2) I've never owned an N64. 3) I never got to play PC games until last year. #LiS:BtS #AngieDaredUsToid || No one got it D: It was 3! 1 & 2 are my secret Nintendo fanboy shames :S


Just woke up with one of the bridesmaids from my best friend's wedding... luckily it was my wife.


Putting my super spoilery Before the Storm choices in the comments. I'm really interested in what everyone else chose. I'm also going to plea for more Steam friends, so that maybe my Friend Stats go above 0% http://steamcommunity.com/id/gmana27


Went "big ball bowling" (as my wife calls it), barely broke 100 because it's been so long. Birthday loot was Mario+Rabbids and a chibi Pharah figure. Fun day, 29 is still awkward though.


29 is such an awkward number. I'd rather just skip right to being 30


94/99 Champion D: If only I had played one more game instead of taking a bathroom break... Looks like it's going to be a close one. Got 22-19 for Invisible.


I think I have at least one from every generation.


Beat Hey! Pikmin. Reminds me of Pikmin 2's challenge mode. Not bad for a Pikmin spin-off.


Starting FFXIII-3 (sorry, boss). Stream here if you have nothing better to do with your Saturday evening and/or want to watch me flail around: https://www.twitch.tv/gmana27


Beat Ever Oasis. There are a lot of little parts that make up the whole game and I loved just about all of them. Could be my 3DS game of the year, although Metroid might be hard to beat.


It's only been 10 minutes, but my wife is already yelling at me to stop flipping the switch on the Sonic statue that makes the "SEEEGAAA" sound >:(


Time for my next game! Did anyone miss these? No? Oh well. http://www.strawpoll.me/13726398 [Bump for when I get home, even though I'll be playing Sonic Mania because it was finally delivered]


Finished FFXIII-2 tonight. It's another game where I feel they took everything awful from the first game and made it pretty good (except Hope), and took everything that was great from the first game and made it just okay. Shame it was a horrendous port.


I know everyone is playing Sonic Mania now, but does anyone want a copy of Sonic CD on Steam? Got a free code for it from T-Mobile Tuesday. Still available if anyone wants it.


Vacation over :( 8 hour ride home today... going to try to beat Ever Oasis and/or Cave Story+ to pass the time.


Noticed they finally added the Salmon Run schedule to SplatNet2. Now it just needs the "Online Friends" list that the original had, so that I can stalk you guys from my phone instead of loading the game and being disappointed.


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