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Saturday afternoon puzzle


First free day I've had in a while. Time for some quality video gaming with me, myself, and this doof!


Oops, it's somehow been over a week without me spamming puppy pictures at you guys. Sorry about that! So for my 200th post, AMA and get a puppy picture chosen just for you! (while supplies last)


I have Lexmark printers though...


Woke up and finished Axiom Verge. I enjoyed pretty much everything about it, but I wouldn't quite say that it's better than Metroid. Extremely impressive that it was all made entirely by one person. [Four in February 1/4]


Snow day! Which, of course, means Monster Hunter day!


Haven't seen anyone else mention it, so happy Grounddog Day, everyone!


#Shoutoutoid to... uh... *spins around and points* ...YOU! I like you. A lot.


Already time for Four in February again. Here's what I'm playing: 1) Monster Hunter: World [assigned quests], 2) Pokemon Ultra Sun, 3) Axiom Verge, 4) Arc Rise Fantasia. Anyone want to join me? Just choose four games and try to beat them before March!


Wes will always be my favorite amigo, but I will also never forget all of the both times that he's stood me up. Ever.


Lazy Sunday


We chose Mom's birthday


Mom's Birthday or Monster Hunter... Monster Hunter or Mom's Birthday... Hm...


I should probably post something video game related instead of just pictures of my dog, before I get baned. So how about that Monster Hunter beta?


Bonus birthday picture for Panda, since she wanted a picture of snow.


This dog post is for Panda for her birthday, and not just an excuse to post another picture of my new puppy. Happy birthday!! And also happy belated birthday to Wes and Larx :)


It only took five months, but I finally re-Focused and finished up FFXIII-3. It's a shame no one liked the first one, because I feel like each one was better than the last. Except for freaking Hope.


Animal Crossing


I guess this was released already


Monday afternoon puzzle


Just watched The Last Jedi. I enjoyed it. But I also enjoyed Rogue One and the prequels, so, you know. Also, happy New Year, everyone!


Saturday afternoon puzzle


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