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What's your favorite and least favorite flavor of Pop Tart? Favorite: Hot Fudge Sundae. Least: Cookie Dough.


Y'know what? I like the scythe and torch weapons! I don't care what anyone says! Also, I just learned that those wizard enemies can turn Arthur into a bee! I've never seen that bee-fore!


Also, it looks like GoW Ragnarok copies are out in the wild now. So watch out for spoilers. I just saw someone selling a PS5 version on OfferUp a few minutes ago.


9 days off! Lots of games to play (and early Christmas shopping)! 😎


Rest In Peace to one of the most influential female pioneers in the game industry Rieko Kodama. She passed away in May and a tribute to her was found in the Mega Drive Mini 2 credits. She was instrumental in helping build the SEGA we know and love.


Even though I'm picky when it comes to Collector's Editions (and in general I'm not the biggest fan of statues) but part of me is tempted to get the RE4 Remake one since I'm a big fan of the original.


Y'know...I could caption this a million ways but I'd rather hear what you all have to say. (BTW yes this is a real hot sauce)


I wanted to share my thoughts on the Resident Evil 4 Remake since the original is one of my favorite games ever. I think it looks great! I'm really digging the atmosphere and the gameplay! It updates the look without losing the flavor. Plus CHAINSAWS!


For those jonesing for more Trader Joe's delicacies, I highly suggest this Cinnamon Roll spread! Low in fat and sugar too. Personally, I think it tastes more like pumpkin pie filling but nonetheless it's DELICIOUS! Goes great with vanilla cookie sticks!


I miss this channel. There also used to be one soley dedicated to old kung fu movies. Sadly, neither had a large viewer base not too mention waiting to get a signal.


As something of a follow-up to my previous Qtoid, of these 4 which is your favorite alternative side to fries (or chips if you're British): Onion Rings, Mozzarella Sticks, Jalapeno Poppers, or Salad?


Shadow Hearts. I want you SOOOOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDD! Found a new game store!


This is Mazan by Namco. A light sword (sword replacing gun) game. A unique take on the genre. I got a chance to play this at a family fun center years ago! I remember enjoying it a lot! What're your favorite light gun games? HOTD 1&2 for me!


I decided to take my name in a new direction! Don't worry I'll still provide the same insight and memes you know and love(?)! And don't worry all of my previous Qtoids or comments are still canon and have NOT been retconned. Continuity is important!


This cute photogenic little fella landed near me earlier. Thought I might snap a pic!


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