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Turns out my sister doesn't need help moving out afterall. Due to scheduling conflicts w/ my nephews sporting events, she's going to move her things out slowly by herself. Still not sure exactly when she moves into her new place though.


Just finished The Last Of Us Remastered and while I still think it's good this version has so many bugs in it. Enemies run around aimlessly, button prompts just stop working, and sometimes bullets didn't even phase enemies. I still can't wait for 2 though


It's time I mastered the hiten mitsurugi ryu style.


Welp...I think I found my Halloween mask for this year!


Let's say a new (and long overdue) Actraiser game was being made. Who would you like to see develop it and how would you like to see it structured? I.e. 2D action/RPG, 3rd person hack-n-slash, with more fleshed out world building etc.?


Well, Kuon might be out of my grasp. So I'll scope out another classic From Software title. Can anyone reccomend the Echo Night titles?


Well, it was a long time coming but my sister and her husband are getting divorced in the not too distant future. My sister plans on moving out within 2 weeks and I get to help her move her things out. It's all good though, she'll be happier.


"My friends, you can take away a man's title and his uniform but you can never take away his integrity or his honor. Plus it was mostly Pence's fault."


Well, the good news is my vertigo is starting to subside and I no longer feel nauseous. The bad news? Now I have a pounding headache.


Cleaned out and reorganized some of my collectibles in my closet. How many things can you spot? Uhh...#Shelfietoid?


Has anyone played the oft-forgotten game Kuon for PS2? I'm thinking of tracking down a copy at some mom and pop game stores. I'd try online but those online prices though. ._.


Platinum Games should make Knack 3, a Superman 64 remake, and a new (proper) Viewtiful Joe!


Oh Gravity Rush 2. I like you but I want to love you. Seriously, the controls in this game are so disorienting at times and it's feels hard to get anything done with the shifting mechanic. I'm also not a fan of the Lunar form. Am I doing something wrong?


Just played the Contra Rogue Corps demo and I don't think it's too bad. The action is fast, frenetic, and dare I say fun but the frequent swearing is kinda dumb. More thoughts in the comments.


In rememberance of all of the first responders and all of those who died today 18 years ago. Rest in peace. Never forget.


For anyone interested, Last of Us Part 2 is getting a special event on September 24th in Los Angeles.


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