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Had to get a new phone today because my Galaxy S7 decided it wants to randomly shut off on me. Thought it was due to an app. It wasn't. Lost all my contacts in the process but got to keep everything else. Ended up buying a Galaxy S9+. So far, I like it.


Fed Ex finally got back to me and told me my 5 hour orientation is on the 22nd @ 2 a.m. (Yes, you read that right 2 in the morning). Good thing I was always wake up early. Can't wait!


With all these remakes out this generation (Crash, Medievil, Spyro, RE2), it got me thinking. What games from this or last generation could you see getting the full remake treatment in 20 years from now? (I know someone will mention Dark Souls)


They make T-100 spiders now?!


I finally got EDF 5 downloaded on my PS4. If anyone is interested in joining me in the hunt just let me know! My PSN is jettermars1-_-. (I can't wait to change this name)


W00t! I got the Fed Ex job! EDF! :D


I Got an interview at Fed Ex on Monday @ 12 pm. Hope it goes well.


Axel...what are you doing with that?


My mom's AMAZING raspberry cheesecake! I wish I could share it with all of you.


On top of these cool gifts, I also got $200 in Amazon credit and got to see my nephews, mom, sister, and brother in law! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!


Today might be the last day of my seasonal UPS job. They cut off our shuttle service after today and most of us (myself included) found out yesterday. The option to drive to their hub to work is there but accounting for distance, pay, and traffic...contd.


Looky what I snagged in an Ebay auction! (Seriously, this thing is bigger than it looks)


UGH! What a shitty morning! First my gym is closed all day because they're getting new equipment and my shuttle had a schedule change (Which I received ZERO notification about) that had it leave earlier. Why does this keep happening?


I literally just found out a special edition of Strange Journey existed. Now I must track one down. Damn you, Japan for getting the best stuff!


Is it weird that despite the fact I don't care about Smash anymore, I'm still eager to see what characters and knick knacks get announced? Could it be my subconscious trying to get me back into the series or I just want to see what the series does next?


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