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My coworker might be leaving UPS soon. She's not happy there and it doesn't help her "ex" works there and they still keep hanging out and arguing all the time. She's told me she might go work somewhere else nearby and get her own place away from him.


Got my 1st covid shot! Everything went really smoothly and now I'm feeling just fine!


Gotdang it, Bobby! I must break you, I tell you hwat!


Ehhh...I think Fabio should've been on this cover.


We have some stupid fucking kids unloading the trailers at my HUB who keep sending the wrong stuff to my area and my area has to fix their mistakes. Some idiot sent up a (thankfully empty) propane tank. If it was full and had busted open...KABOOM!


I have slain the evil swine and brought peace back to Hyrule! Well, until next time...


Got to spend some time with my coworker tonight! We played Streets Of Rage 2 and Gunstar Heroes! Her ex-boyfriend came over and we talked a bit. She got a bit drunk though off of vodka, cranberry juice, and 7-Up. He drank a bit too but kept it together.


It's been a pretty nice Friday for me so far! How about an AMA?


I'm sick of all this Council culture!


Found someones phone while I was out rollerblading this morning. Didn't see anyone around who would otherwise claim it. Pattern locked, 6% battery and T-mobile is the carrier. I'm going to try and see if I can get it back to its owner however I can.


Anybody else remember these from Toys R Us back in the day? Just popped in my head while watching 90s video game commercials.


Yay! I managed to get a Sega Astro mini arcade! The payment went through pretty easily. À présent, Je suis une petite française heureuse! :D


Looks like my coworker and I are on for Sunday after work. Time for some co-op!


Decided to get back into my SNES Mini and play Kirby Super Star. I love how fleshed out Kirby's abilities are here. Great Cave Offensive is a fun treasure hunt jaunt (I found a Mr. Saturn!) but it REALLY needs a map. The other games are interesting too.


So from what I've gathered, Amazon does in fact have 46,000 PS5s but are going to release them later at some point. Can't say when though. Stay tuned.


Still waiting on Amazon but Walmart will have Series X at 11:30 am/2:30 EST and PS5 at 12 PST/3:00 EST. Happy hunting.


No "date" afterall. She tells me she still needs to get a car asap. No biggie I understand. Just need to find a better time. Gif unrelated.


That's a bummer. Had a lot of fun on the EDF and Genesis communities.


Looks like the "date" is on for tomorrow night! I'm gonna meet her at the hotel she's staying at and we're just going to play some games on the Genesis Mini for a few hours! Should be lots of fun!


I might be able to hang out with my coworker sometime next week. NICE! Unfortunately, she's going through a lot lately because her ex kicked her out of the place they shared and took a lot of her stuff. Can only really talk to her at work because of it.


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