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Shadow Hearts. I want you SOOOOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDD! Found a new game store!


This is Mazan by Namco. A light sword (sword replacing gun) game. A unique take on the genre. I got a chance to play this at a family fun center years ago! I remember enjoying it a lot! What're your favorite light gun games? HOTD 1&2 for me!


I decided to take my name in a new direction! Don't worry I'll still provide the same insight and memes you know and love(?)! And don't worry all of my previous Qtoids or comments are still canon and have NOT been retconned. Continuity is important!


This cute photogenic little fella landed near me earlier. Thought I might snap a pic!


It looks like everybody is getting a raise afterall! Everyone's getting a $1.50 pay bump starting next Sunday. However, it is currently listed as "temporary". Not sure what that entails and answers aren't readily available but I'm glad to get it.


Konami's press conference is an incomprehensible mess. They're using a robo voice to translate the Japanese panel and it doesn't make any sense. Expect memes.


After an arduous week at work, today went by MUUUUUCCCCCHHHHH smoother. Current status.


This is The New Zealand Story. A game that explores the often misunderstood mating habits of the short-billed blue-sneakered kiwi. Males use arrows, bombs, and laser guns to woo females stolen by lecherous seals. Very popular on British computers!


That new trailer still has me excited for God Of War: Ragnarok but is it just me or does anyone else think Atreus kinda sounds like Frankie Muniz?


I'm not entirely opposed to sweets now that I've cut out more sugary (non-fruit) foods so I might look to alternatives to satisfy my sweet tooth. I'm thinking of trying carob and cashew butter. Does anyone have any suggestions?


"HEY! COME ON!" This is Growl/Runark a goofy (and surprisingly gory) beat-em-up where you fight asshole poachers. Think of it as a predecessor to the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs arcade game but swap the dinos for regular animals who sometimes help you.


Elevator Action Returns is a fantastic arcade shooter that's kinda like a mix of Rolling Thunder and NARC. While I wouldn't call it fast-paced, it is methodical, tense and always keeps you on your toes. Highly reccommended!


For anyone in the Sacramento area, Bidrl has a huge variety of games (860!) up for bids right now! You can (in theory) get them for as cheap as a dollar. FYI they DO NOT ship. You must pick them up. Link in comments. Have a look.


If someone were to tell me that Pulseman by Game Freak on Mega Drive/Genesis was a long lost Treasure game (and I didn't know better), I'd probably believe them. Does any game have that kind of effect on you?


I'm starting to think that maybe I push myself a little too hard in regards to my workouts and that maybe I could tone it down a bit while looking at new avenues to challenge myself physically. I'm also going to lower my sugar intake again. It could help.


Show and/or tell your favorite Sega Genesis/Mega Drive startup intros!


After 3 long months of delays and waiting, My Egret has finally flown in! My Mini Arcade is (probably) complete! Now what should I play first?


My workplace is practically a damn thirst trap. Everyone's either hooking up or trying to (Not me though! I'm a good boy!). Even a supervisor and some girl got fired for doing you-know-what in a closed trailer during a lunch break. Pic somewhat related.


What's your favorite type of coagulated mammal lactase (aka cheese)? Mine is pepper jack. Great flavor makes for an exquisite Philly cheesesteak!


For you Trader Joe's shoppers out there, pick up this ice cream next time you're there! It's super good!


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