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Was out and about shopping this morning and found a 32X at a cell phone store for $15! I'll probably never use it but it makes for a cool collector's item.


Y'know I think Sony missed a good opportunity to call "State Of Play" Playstation Underground. It would've been nice to see the concept repurposed.


Fry's Electronics is going under. Used to go to the San Jose one when I was a kid. Each store had its own motif (A Mayan theme for example). Looking at info online suggests they may have had issues with their new vendor and couldn't stock their stores.


My Grandma got to go home a few days ago! She's happy to be back but there are adjustments that need to be made since she can't move around on her own. It's going to be a new normal for her while she does PT at home. Otherwise she's happy and got her shot


Holy SHIT is Nemesis' final form on Inferno cheap! Every shot has to be perfect and you can't get hit once. Took a million attempts but I got him! "NEXT TIME...TAKE A FUCKING HINT"!


I know nobody here is even remotely interested in this kind of stuff but I saw this in the Target parking lot and thought I should share it.


Good Lord is the arcade version of Super Contra bloodthirsty! Enemies and bullets never stop swarming you. Also, jumping is a bit awkward. Very much a quarter muncher.


New arrivals! Just for a little over $100!


Occasionally, boxes tear open on our conveyer belts and the merchandise inside falls out on the line (Called overgoods) and it's our job to stop the line, jump on the belt, and pick it up. Yesterday, I happened to find this book.


Got 2 pieces of good news: My Grandma is doing better (though she's still got a ways to go) and I got something of a date arranged with one of my coworkers. She commutes for work and sometimes rents a hotel room. She invited me over to play video games.


Happy Whatever Today Is Day to y'all.


Well, I went to Tarjay for a PS5 and while they did have 2 in stock they're only doing online orders for pickups. Turns out someone else already got them Oh well, it's good to know anyway. Back to the hunt. Current mood.


Not sure if I'm in the minority but I think I prefer Super C to to Contra. Better visuals, tighter controls, better weapons (laser sucks more here though), and I think it's designed a bit better. Shame it doesn't get the accolades of its older brother.


One of my coworkers yesterday was trying to convince me that there are tracking devices in COVID vaccines and why he wasn't getting one."Aren't you worried that your freedoms are going to be taken away? They might sell you into slave labor." he tells me.


Has anyone here used a site called NDSoup? I ask because I just ordered a complete new Neo Geo CDZ from them for $80. I think they're based in Germany.


I'm here to tell you that the Trader Joe's buffalo burgers taste exactly like the cheaper adjacent 4-pack angus burgers and are not worth $10.99 for 3 patties. That's not to say they're bad (far from it), just not worth the price.


Is it odd that I'm a month away from 31 years old and my voice still cracks?


Just got word that my 97 year old Grandma just broke her pelvis in 2 places today. She lives with my Aunt and has trouble getting around on her own. No surgery needed but she's out of commission for a bit and is going to a rehab center. No visitors.


Just finished Hollow Knight. My thoughts? It's fine. Feels like a bog standard Metroidvania game. Nothing really wowed me. A lot of areas feel kinda samey in terms of design and structure. More thoughts in the comments.


I wouldn't say these taste like a Philly cheesesteak but if anyone here finds themselves in a Trader Joe's, I'd say give them a try!


Mr. Saddler...YOU are small time!


Happy Birthday Wes! Here's your present!


Just Arrived! I still plan on getting Faselei! to finish up my NGPC collection. Though it doesn't show up on Ebay very often and it's the farthest thing from cheap.


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