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Today, my job enters Hard Mode for the next few weeks but it drops good loot. So, I aims to collect.


Happy Thanksgiving to all waiting on turkey!


I'm gonna bump the Best Buy Black Friday deals again for those who want a refresher or who may have missed it the first time around. The pics are in the comments.


Today was a little bit better at work. Though they made me unload trucks for the first 3 hours (Lame!). Less hectic and I got home to find this! Also thank you all for the kind words for the secret santa thing! :)


Well, my new position is somewhat like what I thought it would be. Got really hectic at one point with huge and heavy packages coming down the line and having to remove them as fast as possible. Got really backed up and surrounded by boxes. Got unlucky.


Just got news today that I'm starting a new position that I signed up for months ago tomorrow. It's called tender and I just need to clear jams from conveyer belts if they occur. *In Wario voice* EXCELLENT!


Resident Evil 3 is $14.99 at Best Buy right now!


Peak season is upon me. Meaning more freight, earlier start times, longer hours, 6 day weeks, double shifts, optional Saturday shifts, and a whole lotta work to do. This is gonna take everything I've got but I'm up for it!


Was driving around doing errands and saw a bunch of Trump supporters waving his flags and "Stop The Steal" signs at at a major intersection. *Sigh* Give it up, people. (I know they won't)


Second chance is coming up soon!


New Pickups! Got FF7 Remake for $20! Might wait to play it on PS5. I've heard pretty good things about Dark Arms. Anyone play it?


Sure, dude. Tell me how you really feel.🙄


Just found this little guy in a parking lot. He's really sweet and cute. I'm gonna try and get him to a shelter. I'm gonna call him Onix.


She's here. Large and in charge! (Look Ma! I'm on TV!)


Gotta new 55 in UHD Toshiba TV with Firestick ($318 at Best Buy) installed coming tomorrow morning. Not sure how it will stack up against my old Samsung but I'm willing to give it a shot.


In other news, I just downloaded Hollow Knight. Any advice I should take before I go in?


Well, at least I was able to get to sleep this time. However, thanks to my internal clock I was only able to sleep in 1 hour intervals. *Sigh* Sometimes it sucks to be an early riser.


I don't know what the outcome will be tonight but if it's anything like election night 2016, I won't get any sleep simply because curiosity will keep me up.


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