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These exist and are on sale for $21 on Amazon.


Time to plunk doen $1K+ on my Mustang for a new front bumper. Got a rental car until Thursday. Hopefully, she comes out alright. Sometimes it seems the universe doesn't want me to have this car. *Sigh*


I LOVE Metal Slug! And so should you! RAWKET LAWNCHAIR!


There MIGHT be a UPS driver position open in San Jose. One of the managers was telling me they're always looking for people. So I'll definitely jump on that if it's true. Might have to start looking for a new apartment soon too. *Fingers crossed*


My NEO GEO Mini is here! I'll give my thoughts on it later once I test out everything.


Cuphead is pretty great! Though I feel the platforming stages could be a bit more imaginative (a la Earthworm Jim). The hand drawn art, however, is AMAZING! Studio MDHR could easily rival some of Vanillaware's stuff. To think this was made by 2 brothers!


*Sigh* There's a bunch of selfish assjacks at my job who keep parking in the red zones. Shit like that makes it harder for 1st responders in an emergency. It's thoughtless, reckless and dangerous. I'm talking to the hub manager tomorrow.


In other news, the Neo Geo Mini Int. Edition is less than $50 (with free shipping) on Amazon right now! Just snagged one! Link in comments! :D


Had a big ass rat run in front of me in a grocery store this morning. Went and told one of the workers who then told a coworker and he said "Oh yeah, I saw him yesterday". Really? Hope you said something. Hope the little bastard isn't diseased and bitey.


I'm done with Ubisoft. That is all.


What are some underrated cute animals? Personally, I think skunks are adorable.


Last Of Us 2 Survivor+ mode definitely demands you be more methodical in your approach to combat. Supplies are super limited and enemies can flank you immediately and I'm actually using smokebombs and silencers now. It still makes me sad to hurt dogs. :(


Man, seeing these RE4 posts really makes me want to play it again. I wish I could get a livestream going to bad my internet is like Saddler. >.>


My mom got her Ancestry Health results back from Mother's Day. Basically,it confirmed what she's always thought...we're just white. No surprises there. Outside of some iron deficiency, there's no inherent health issues to be found. She liked her gift.


Game Idea: Streets Of Rage 4!


Happy Birthday Prins! Enjoy YOUR day!


Happy Birthday to all the Speedy Frosty Ninja Flakes out there!


Cantaloupe. Why? Because I'm single.


Just finished The Last Of Us Part 2 last night. Want to know what I think of it? Just check out my thoughts below.


Looks like Sega has taken cues from SNK. 30 titles included: Virtua Fighter, Fantasy Zone, Golden Axe, Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder, Alienstorm, Alien Syndrome, Columns II, Dark Edge, Puzzle & Action: Tant-R, and Altered Beast.


Is there a track from a game that you would make your own theme? I always thought this track matched me.


I noticed there were a lot of dumpster fires on Qtoid today and contacted myself from 12 years ago to help put them out.


According to recent leaks, the PS5 will launch on Friday Novemember 20th. The disc based version will launch for $499/£449 and the download only version will be $399/£339. No word on launch titles or giant enemy crabs yet though.


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