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Don't look at me like that, Waluigi...


Sadly, another school shooting this morning in Santa Clarita, California. 7 young people shot, hospitalized and one young lady just passed away. Suspect is in custody and may be dead (unsure). Absolutely heartwrenching. Please take care everyone.


What's your favorite final boss theme? For me, it's a toss up between Breath of Fire 3's and Shadow Hearts: Covenant's. Though I give a slight edge to Covenant.


Metal Wolf Chaos XD so far is pretty good! It has an Earth Defense Force feel to it. Not just in tone but in gameplay as well. The only problems are it's easy to kill POWs since they can blend into the environment and weapon switching can be annoying.


#Confessiontoid. I can't get into Death Metal. Now, I can appreciate the riffs and all that but the vocals always take me out of it. To me it just sounds like a guy putting on a "monster" voice to scare little kids. That's just me though.


Who are your favorite video game redheads/gingers (male and/or female)?


IT'S FINALLY HERE! I GOT #14! Can you guys spot the funny typo?


So how's everyone enjoying the Nioh 2 beta, so far? Feels more like an expansion pack more than a sequel (which isn't really a bad thing per se). Also, those gorilla-esque yokai suck.


My copy finally arrived! Time to soak in some nostalgia! (3 year old me used to think this was the funniest thing in the world. 😂)


AT LAST! My collectors editions of Metal Wolf Chaos XD and Ninja Warriors have finally shipped!


Here's a very interesting video regarding 90's Arcade Racer and the "business practices" of Nicalis and it's president Tyrone Rodriguez. Some of the comments provide a little insight as well. Apparently, Tyrone is the spiteful type among other things.


To all the first responders working around the clock putting out the fires, providing aid and getting people to safety in California: Thank you for all of your efforts. To those affected please be safe. Finally, FUCK PG&E for causing all of this!


Finally watched Halloween (2018) and ehh...didn't think much of it. It felt too formulaic as a horror film, predictable jump scares, uninteresting characters, boring kills, and a slow opening. Hell, I actually enjoyed Rob Zombie's Halloween more.


Turns out my sister doesn't need help moving out afterall. Due to scheduling conflicts w/ my nephews sporting events, she's going to move her things out slowly by herself. Still not sure exactly when she moves into her new place though.


Just finished The Last Of Us Remastered and while I still think it's good this version has so many bugs in it. Enemies run around aimlessly, button prompts just stop working, and sometimes bullets didn't even phase enemies. I still can't wait for 2 though


It's time I mastered the hiten mitsurugi ryu style.


Welp...I think I found my Halloween mask for this year!


Let's say a new (and long overdue) Actraiser game was being made. Who would you like to see develop it and how would you like to see it structured? I.e. 2D action/RPG, 3rd person hack-n-slash, with more fleshed out world building etc.?


Well, Kuon might be out of my grasp. So I'll scope out another classic From Software title. Can anyone reccomend the Echo Night titles?


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