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Just beat Kid Dracula off the collection. My thoughts are in the comments.


Downloaded the Castlevania Collection (Heads up: On consoles the controls are reversed and you CAN'T customize them. *GROAN*) and just beat the first Castlevania. I think it's a decent game but I think the clunky controls hold it back a bit.


Are there any rare and expensive games that you had an oppurtunity to get back in the day but skipped out on and now regret it? Mine are in the comments.


Axel is such a good boy (And he doesn't play Siege)! :)


Thank you mom for taking time out of your busy day to give birth to me and raise me. Happy Mother's Day!


Did some cleaning and sorting today and came across some old preorder goodies from the early 2010s.




If there was ever a Cuphead follow-up by Team MDHR, I would LOVE to see them make a side-scrolling beat-em-up in the same vain as the classic Popeye cartoons.


My wrist is feeling better! :)


It looks like Bloodstained is coming out June 18th for PS4,Xbone and PC and June 25th for Switch. Are you guys still excited for it?


I think I'll return to UPS in the not too distant future. Nothing against Fed-Ex but between gas prices going up (over $4 at some stations) and 40+ minute commute,I think I should start looking at work that is closer to where I live. Resume update time!


My sister and I are going to split the cost of one of those Roomba vacuums (680 model) for my mom for her Mother's Day gift. Have any of you used these vacuums before? Are they any good? Anything she should know before using it?


*Sigh* Another mass shooting at a place of worship (A synagogue) with 3 wounded and 1 dead. Perpetrated by a 19 year old 8chan dwelling shitstain near San Diego. This wretch encompasses everything that's wrong with the alt-right mentality. It's sickening.


Think I might have De Quervain's tendinosis in my left wrist. I've been having some pain at the base of my wrist for almost a week. Looks like it's time for a cortisone shot. Yay._.


A part of me is cautiously optimistic about Days Gone though I'd be lying if I said I don't think the game looks uninspired. I hope reviews prove me wrong and show it's an underdog. Are there any games that you have had similar feelings on?


To celebrate the 13th anniversary of Mother 3's release date (on 4/20 no less) here is the Pineapple Express trailer with Mother characters!


When I'm at the gym, I can't seem to shake the habit of turning around and accidentally facing a girl when she's working out. Sometimes making eye contact. I always feel like I come off as a creep when that happens.


🎶MY SHANOA!🎶 Hey Order of Ecclesia is pretty good but DAMN IS IT HARD.


New pickup! Been meaning to get Ecclesia for a while. I've heard good things but what are your guys' thoughts?




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