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Had my interview at UPS about 45 minutes ago. Went pretty well I'd say. Just need to play the waiting. Just dropped off my 2 weeks notice too. This has been a long time coming. I need a change. Hopefully, this is it.


Good news everyone! Yours truly has an interview tomorrow @ 10 am with UPS as a driver helper. Hopefully, I can sell myself well enough!


I'd hoped it wouldn't have to come to this but Monday I'm putting in my 2 weeks notice. Getting my job done has become physically tiring, exasperating and unfulfilling I don't have a job lined yet but I am waiting on 2 places to get back to me.


Happiness is a warm kitty on your lap on a cool October evening on a day off while playing video games.


My mom texted me last night and told me Axel's front right leg was limping. He was still using it, jumping around and playing but he doesn't seem to want to walk on it. Time for a vet visit.


Bummer... I think I know someone who could use this right about now. https://start.att.net/news/read/article/the%20-ordinance%20-ap/category/news+


I think one of my neighbors down the hall just found out her husband has been cheating on her. For the last 10 mins I've been hearing her scream "HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON?!" "WHERE DID YOU MEET HER?!" "HOW BIG OF A FUCKING FOOL HAVE I BEEN?!


He's a happy boy! He hasn't stopped purring since I got him. He's super mellow too. I think he might be a Snowshoe.


I couldn't help it! I just wanted another one so bad! He's going to stay with my mom for a bit until my apt situation is better. I'm either thinking of Ryu (Breath Of Fire) or Axel (Streets Of Rage) as names! More pics in comments


Seriously one of the sweetest little kitties I've ever interacted with. Damn you present circumstances for preventing me from getting her. #KittenGirlFriday


Just left the gym this morning and some stupid "see you next Tuesday" in a Camry (I think) nearly hits me broadside. No blinker, directly adjacent and just merges. I nearly flipped over trying to avoid her and ended up in gravel. I'm ok though.


*Le Sigh* The freight elevator at my job (aka The Jaws if Satan) is broken AGAIN! A lot to move up AGAIN! It broke while I was using it AGAIN! And finally gotta replan everything AGAIN! Seriously, THIS SUCKS! 😓


Castlevania Requiem has been announced! It comes out Oct. 26th exclusively for PS4 and features Symphony Of The Night and Rondo Of Blood.


Ok, I've been off the internet for well over a day and when I returned I'm seeing all these strange images of a Peach-Bowser hybrid everywhere. Did I miss something?


Phew! I'm glad this week is over. Between doing manual labor everyday this week, having to work on my mother's birthday WITHOUT being notified by my boss that she changed my schedule, a faulty freight elevator, chastisement and more. I'm spent!


My job keeps getting better and better! My docks freight elevator just broke for like the 15th time this year and I have lots of freight to transport in the next hour. Waiting to hear back from a manager to see what can be done. YAY me! 😒


*Run sarcasm.exe* My job keeps getting better and better. The freight elevator has broken down for like the 15th time this year and I have lots of freight to transport between floors. YAY! 😒


PS1 mini pre-orders are up at Gamestop for anyone interested. https://m.gamestop.com/product/consoles/playstation-classic/168643?utm%20=linkshare&utm%20=affiliate&utm%20=kinja&utm%20=deeplink&cid=afl%20&affid=77777&sourceid=xzxata


https://www.google.com/amp/s/arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/01/the-legislative-fight-over-loot-boxes-expands-to-washington-state/%3famp=1 Me to every lootbox using publisher out there. (Yes, I'm aware this doesn't guarantee action but I'm glad more eyes are


I need to have a poster made of this.


Still haven't heard anything back regarding the job from UPS. I've called their facility a few times and was told to keep checking my email or phone for a reply. I hope they get back to me before my current job puts me in a madhouse 😓


OPA MY FELLOW MEDITERRANEANS (and of course everyone else)! Just returned from a Greek Festival and picked up some kourabiedes (left) and Baklava (right) for my folks and a cool Grecian keychain for myself. More pics in the comments. 🇬🇷


Question of the day: Are there any bad games (any generation) whose original soundtracks or have a single/few tracks you like? Personally, I really like this track from Cool World on SNES.


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