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I went to 5 different stores and none of them had Hades for PS5. Managed to buy a copy online at normal price but damn. Didn't expect this to be hard to find.


Spike the foreman from the Wrecking Crew games is going to be in the Super Mario Bros. movie. That is all.


Do you have a favorite entry in a series but it feels weird to call it your favorite? I think Metal Slug 3 holds that distinction for me since I still really like the other mainline games.


Happy Birthday GajKnight. May your day be filled with thrown Bibles and sea salt ice cream.


Ever watch a commercial and it just sticks with you?


I FINALLY BEAT WEISS!!! YES YES YES!!! I'll take those 2 Gottersomethingorothers now thank you very much!! :D


Happy Birthday, Mr. ChronoLynx!


Is this the face of true love?


That Weiss fight in FF7 Remake is straight BULLSHIT! All of his moves are super hard to dodge, he can heal his stagger meter, he has 3 different forms, and one move he has instantly kills everyone. Keep the Carbuncle summon on hand, you may need it.


Looks like I'm getting a new phone this weekend (an S21 Ultra 5G) from an auction house in Sacramento. It'll give me an opportunity to go see my dad for a little bit too.


I passed my test! Now the real training begins!


Good news! I can retake my DMV test tomorrow! :D


There's only a few vinyl tracks I want (the Ikaruga one for instance. Though I 'd just frame it.). However, if I was a bigger fan of Skies Of Arcadia I could see myself getting this. Any vinyl tracks for games you'd like to see come out?


Ok...So TIL Leatherface has an anime girl statue.


I'm getting a second chance to get the feeder job! I just need to pass a physical, a DOT drug test, and go back to the DMV to make up the one test I didn't pass. I'm heading to the clinic tomorrow!


Phew. Took forever but I got my stuff cleaned up, recycled, and donated. Farewell, old GI magazines, laptops, and other miscellaneous doodads. I managed to fill up 7 large Hefty bags. Pic unrelated.


With the prospect of moving to a new place soon, it looks like it's time for me to rummage through all my things and start getting rid of stuff. Thinking of recycling my old Game Informer magazines for starters. This is gonna get messy. Pic unrelated.


Huh...So Steve-O makes hot sauce now...for your butthole? Who knew?


Sasha is wondering if there's spaghetti in here. There better be or there will be Hell to pay.#Caturday


Am sober. C'est bien. AMA?


Unfortunately, I didn't pass all of my permit tests (I missed doubles&triples by 2 questions). Fortunately, it was a good learning experience, I'm a bit wiser from the experience and more feeder job openings are coming in a few months. Next time for sure!


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