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It looks like the FF7 Remake's street date has been broken. At least in PAL regions. Can't speak for other countries/continents.


It looks like Amazon has 10 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. Our hub gets freight from them and all across the country. My hub could be next. Time to be extra careful.


Ugh. Work's been tough the last few days. Our load is high and the workers are becoming fewer and far between. Pic completely unrelated but I'd like to think it might bring a smile to some of you.


Playing Super Ghouls and Ghosts on Professional difficulty. Wish me luck! Also, technically #Selfietoid?


My state (California) has officially gone on lockdown. Only places that offer essential goods and services will be open. Everyone is being urged to stay at home until further notice. These are worrying times indeed. Please stay well and safe everyone.


I'm not Irish nor do I drink but Happy St. Patrick's Day to all and to all a good pint!


For those who have packages coming via UPS and are curious to know, I've been informed today that ALL UPS distribution hubs will be open no matter what and packages are still to be delivered.


What do you think would be more likely as Capcom's next remake: Code Veronica or Dino Crisis?


Yay: Bought a new router (XRM570) for cheap! Boo: It's missing an antenna. Time to call customer support. Happy Friday the 13th!


Decided to pop in my (hacked) Snes Mini and play some classics. Super EDF is merciless but addictive and Contra 3 is still awesome but damn I suck at those overhead stages.


No celebrity crushes here. Go home.


That's the last of them! Seriously though, Yaksha is probably the hardest character to master in this game. Mastering her metal arms is crucial for the final boss.


Does anyone have any experience with the SeeKool Pandora plug and plays? I found this at an auction and it comes loaded with a ton of arcade games. I'm thinking of bidding on it but I want to ask the experts first.


Is there any TV show or movie that you would love to see get a 4-player beat-em-up arcade game ala Simpsons or X-Men?


I clearly underestimated how difficult it would be to find a physical copy of the Megaman Zero/ZX Collection. Online prices aren't kind right now either. :/ On a sidenote, thank you all for the birthday wishes! :)


Going out to dinner with my mom and sister for my pre-birthday dinner. I suggested a bar & grill that has a bunch of firepits outside. Should be good.


Phew...This one was really close.


Confirmed: Nemesis wears socks.


Is there a game franchise that you would love go see get a pinball machine? For me, I'd love to see Earth Defense Force get one.


I'm gonna be 30 soon. I want to start taking my overall health more seriously by cutting out more sugary and fatty foods. Maybe add some new exercises to my repetoire for good measure.


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