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Mr. Saddler...YOU are small time!


Happy Birthday Wes! Here's your present!


Just Arrived! I still plan on getting Faselei! to finish up my NGPC collection. Though it doesn't show up on Ebay very often and it's the farthest thing from cheap.


I don't know if this whole Covid isolation thing is making people kinkier or what but my UPS hub is getting a TON of sex toys over the last few days. I'd post pics but I know this is a family site. Anyone order an "Obedience bench"? Cuz I found one.


Just remember for all the ugliness in the world, take solace in the fact that you have a good head on your shoulders and for every mistake you make you can always learn from it.


This was in a bathroom at my job. You think it's safe to say someone wasn't having a good day? (The note wasn't from me btw)




The Devils went down in Georgia! Congratulations to Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff!


Castlevania Dawn Of Sorrow is still AWESOME even after 15 years! Exploring the castle and collecting items and souls is still strangely addictive! And best of all you can kill Bigfoot with curry!


Happy Birthday Riff Raff! Pic unrelated


Is it strange that my dreams boil down to either me eventually getting killed or me trying to get something simple done but getting interrupted by something every step of the way?


My Christmas Haul this year! Not pictured: Money, a ton of chocolate, and a snowflake-shaped multi-tool. Merry Christmas everyone!


Peak is officially done for me! Working a month straight of heavy lifting is finally over! Wasn't easy but the rewards were worth it!


Turns out 3 girls from my old department just got fired for drinking on the job and having the brilliant idea of posting it on social media for all their connected co-workers to see.


Christmas gifts for the nephews! I hope they like them.


It's my final week of peak season! Boy, people order lots of crap but I can't wait to have a little more time to start playing video games again. I want to spend more time with Dawn Of Sorrow and my NGPC especially. Pic Unrelated but #Cursedmas.


I just found out that my idiot ex-brother-in-law just quit his job today because he had a "bad year" (His words. *Sigh*). He's taking up a CONTRACT job with another company and now my sister has to pay $800 more a month for their sons' insurance.


My (idiot) ex-brother-in-law's Trump loving family keep having get-togethers amidst the pandemic and now his young nephew (and presumably his mother) has covid. He brings my nephews to these things against my sister's wishes. Yeah, he thinks it's a hoax.


I just learned a few minutes ago that my Hub is one of the first facilities to get the vaccine for transport. They're here right as I type this.


Well, so far work hasn't been TOO difficult (as least on my end). Hours have been a lot longer and I've decided that I'm going to work every day until Christmas to get some extra cashola my way. Overall, I'm feeling pretty okay. :)


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