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Said good-bye to my motley crew in the unload area. Sunday, I move to small sort which involves placing smaller parcels (bags, envelopes, boxes) into large grey mesh bags. Should be easier but still fast-paced. Can't wait!


Ugh...Work has been exasperating over the last 2 weeks. My manager (while nice) is very inconsistent in his direction, UPS has screwed up A LOT of peoples checks (mine included) and has to look over everyone's hours, and now I'm getting sick. Continued...


Some inspirational graffiti I found. Have a good day everybody!


Just got my schedule a few minutes ago and...oh boy...This pic is only half the equation. I'm more likely than not going to be working everyday for the next 2 weeks. Good pay but damn is this going to be tough. >.>


After playing a bit of the Resident Evil 2 Remake, I've been wondering if these 2 were separated at birth...🤔


I think this used to belong to my dad. I'm not sure if it still works but it's still in really good shape! It just needs an 9V alkaline battery. A nice little blast from the past.


Picked up both SpiderMan PS4 and Resident Evil 2 (Still on the way) online on Black Friday for about $32. If anyone's interested I think Best Buy and Target still have them on sale. Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! :)


There are some characters at my gym but this one may take the cake. There's a guy who works out normally but then randomly breaks out into dance to the bewilderment of everyone around him. The gif is kind of how he dances. I'm not kidding.


Just went to the dentist for the first time in a while. Got a few cleanings and some fillings done and I'm going to have my other 2 wisdom teeth removed in the not too distant future. So feel free to AMA!


Don't look at me like that, Waluigi...


Sadly, another school shooting this morning in Santa Clarita, California. 7 young people shot, hospitalized and one young lady just passed away. Suspect is in custody and may be dead (unsure). Absolutely heartwrenching. Please take care everyone.


What's your favorite final boss theme? For me, it's a toss up between Breath of Fire 3's and Shadow Hearts: Covenant's. Though I give a slight edge to Covenant.


Metal Wolf Chaos XD so far is pretty good! It has an Earth Defense Force feel to it. Not just in tone but in gameplay as well. The only problems are it's easy to kill POWs since they can blend into the environment and weapon switching can be annoying.


#Confessiontoid. I can't get into Death Metal. Now, I can appreciate the riffs and all that but the vocals always take me out of it. To me it just sounds like a guy putting on a "monster" voice to scare little kids. That's just me though.


Who are your favorite video game redheads/gingers (male and/or female)?


IT'S FINALLY HERE! I GOT #14! Can you guys spot the funny typo?


So how's everyone enjoying the Nioh 2 beta, so far? Feels more like an expansion pack more than a sequel (which isn't really a bad thing per se). Also, those gorilla-esque yokai suck.


My copy finally arrived! Time to soak in some nostalgia! (3 year old me used to think this was the funniest thing in the world. 😂)


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