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Just beat Castlevania Bloodlines on Expert with John. A fantastic game all around. My only complaint is I wish John could whip up and diagonally without jumping. Overall, 9/10. Next up is Eric's story.


Nicalis is teasing a physical release of Ikaruga on Switch and PS4! PLEASE BE SOON!


A picture from my old high school fire fighting ROP class circa 2008. Wherever you all are, I miss you guys and the fun times we had in this class. I hope all of you became the heroes I know you all are!


Got a call roughly an hour ago from UPS saying I got the job and they want me to start Sunday. I regrettably had to abruptly quit Fed-Ex just now since I can't work at both companies at the same time. But I think UPS will provide more oppurtunities for me


Huh...It looks like Konami is releasing their own mini-console. The TurboGraphx-16 mini with R-Type Ys Book I & II New Adventure Island Ninja Spirit Alien Crush Dungeon Explorer


I got some time to kill, so AMA!


I think I figured out the identity of the guy who has been posting using my old name. If you've seen this guy please report him to the Red Sprite in the Antarctic. No reward.


My interview went pretty well. The woman who interviewed me said that the manager should call me on Monday. Hopefully, it all works out!


FINALLY UPS has gotten back to me for an interview. It's @ 10 a.m. tomorrow. So basically right after I get off my 12:30 a.m. shift at work (it's been a VERY busy week for me). Can't wait! :)


This must be one of those intersecting timeline things. Why "me"?


I honestly don't understand the appeal of the Minions. I prefer the OG Minions...THE SERVBOTS!


If I play my cards right, I should be ready to buy my new car by mid-July. I'm hoping on getting a 2016-2017 Ecoboost Mustang. My mom is going to give me a few bucks to help with a down payment. I have good credit so getting a loan should be easy.


I really don't like commenting too much on politics but the Mueller press conference today was just... wow.


As a pseudo follow up to my last Qtoid, the full list for the Contra Collection has been revealed sans a release date. Sorry fans of Contra Force.


A German retailer leak states that a new Contra is going to be announced soon (most likely E3) for PS4, XBone, and Switch. I know Konami has left a deep scar with everything they've done but would ever you be willing to give them a 2nd chance? Link below.


That's it for Belmont's Revenge. For those of you who want to relive the days of climbing the rope in gym class during middle school, this is a fine game. A much faster and smoother experience than Adventure overall. Just watch out for those birds.


Just beat Castlevania Adventure! This game is AMAZING...LY AWFUL! Slow, choppy, weird graphical glitches every few seconds pop up, wonky hit detection , and I swear level 3 was made by Satan on a coke binge. STAY AWAY FROM THIS IF YOU VALUE YOUR SANITY!


I'm really surprised how much I'm enjoying Castlevania Bloodlines. If I had this game on Genesis when I was a kid I would've thought it was the best game ever. I especially like the soundtrack.


The Castlevania Collection's history book has a lot of cool info but I find it HILARIOUS that Konami didn't bother to edit out any of the trademark information (I hope Nintendo doesn't mind lol). Even the Disney NES collection didn't have that problem.


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