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So, now that From Software says they want to put Dark Souls on the Switch, can I get a boomerang attachment for it? That way I can catch it after whipping it out the window?


Could you imagine being a programmer at Hello Games right now? After years of Sean Murray talking, how many times did they shout from their desks, "What the hell are you talking about?" Maybe one of them hacked the dead Twitter handle.


Now I'm hearing, like everyone else, that the NX is going to be called the 'Duo'? I don't know...I don't think it's any less literal or dumb than 'Gamecube'.


God help whoever thinks they're strong enough for Survival Mode in the Bioshock remaster. I think I managed for 30 minutes before needing an adult.


I just discovered that Clustertruck is on PS4. Can't wait to pass out from high blood pressure this weekend.


Sometimes I stumble upon a series of JRPGs and wonder, how they hell am I just hearing about it now? They're on like the 5th one! Where did they others go? I just wrote about Disgaea 5, and part of me thinks I'm the only person not on a forum who plays it


Late (Hate) Review: Quantum Break

It's not Uncharted 4  Remedy is a good company. Lots of very talented, hardworking people, who have made it much farther than I ever will, dedicated portions of their lives to bring us Alan Wake. While it may not b...


Disgaea 5: An Outsider's View

Demon Management Simulator I've owned Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance for PS4 since its launch sometime in September about a year ago. I was on a huge Fire Emblem Awakening kick on my 3DS and was looking for anothe...


Really hate feeling that guilt of putting down a game before it's over. Anyone else sometime just up and switch games because they're bored? Sometimes I feel like I'm just doing chores when I'm playing a game I'm not happy with.


Nintendo having the NX use cartridges doesn't feel nostalgic for me. If they're anything like the 3DS carts, which feel more like Micro SD cards, how is that a play on the past? They gotta be big and chunky! Grey, with a sweet sticker! C'mon Nintendo!


Maybe the reason we haven't heard about the NX yet is because Nintendo hasn't thought of a snappier title than "Wii U 2" or "Wii Ü".


Almost done with Dying Light: Enhanced Edition. Is The Following worth playing right after?


So excited for Nidhogg 2! Though I have to say, the new character models were a surprise. Definitely redefines the look of the series.


Love to Hate: The Gamestop Challenge

Calling All Masochists  Gamestop isn't really the place it used to be for some gamers, what with Amazon offering a prime discount of $12 off brand new games pre-release and up to two weeks after launch. And in our culture, pre-ord...


A Bulletstorm remaster now, huh? How about just an actual, you know, like, what do they call them.....sequel? Ah forget it, sounds like work.


Alright, worst game you've ever bought at Gamestop for under $5. Go. Mine'll have to be Vampire Rain (99 cents!)


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