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Why does the loading screen in ARMS tell you the longer you hold a charge, the more damage it does? How do you hold a charge?


So if Nintendo won't allow you to use foreign credit cards on the eShop, and Amazon Japan will only sell codes to Japan residents, what's the safest and securest way to buy something digitally with a Japanese account from the eShop?


ARMS is making me so mad, I want to break the controller! I can't hit the broad side of a barn! Hours of tutorial and help missions do nothing....


Question: Does Minecraft on the Switch support local adhoc multiplayer? My brother and I couldn't get it working yesterday, even after switching both to "Local wireless" in the Minecraft title screen. Is it a LAN connection instead of adhoc?


Anyone else notice articles reposting? It started a little before E3. Now a three day old article will be back at the top of the line like it's new. Is it a website error or are they reposting content? Cause IGN does that mess and it's annoying...


Fellow Metroid fans, here's the link to Gamestop Samus Returns Special Edition: link in comments


So the devs of Star Trek Bridge Crew won't say one way or the other if DLC is coming. I hope there is, because if not, the game doesn't have legs to carry it far as is. It's so much fun to play, I wish they'd just officially commit to additional content.


I really want to purchase the 聖剣伝説 Collection on the Japanese eShop...but I'm afraid they'll turn around and announce a localized version as soon as I do. I'd really like to import a physical copy though.


Spent all afternoon playing Star Trek Bridge Crew yesterday. The most fun I've ever had playing VR. The game is an absolute blast! Played it for three solid hours, which is crazy. Cause I get VR sickness in less than 10 minutes most of the time.


So I did a Switch demo for a friend of mine this weekend. She had been complaining that she never gets to play Mario Kart anymore. I took it to her house, and she and I played with it propped on her coffee table. She was completely blown away. Success.


Got Dark Souls: The Board Game in last night! Spent all night setting it up and learning the rules. Can't wait to play it today. The artwork is fantastic!


Dear man on the moon, Online dating sucks. The End.


So someone should put together a Destructoid Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournament. But not me, because I'm not well known enough for it to gain any traction. It'd be really cool if it were "Official" and all.


Got Mario Kart 8 and Puyo Puyo if any wants to play some time. I'm not very good at Puyo Puyo though.... Friend code: 0914-8325-3411


When is the Switch's voice chat/friends/party app being released for the phone? Shouldn't it be close since Mario Kart is coming out soon?


People who are playing Shiness; what's your opinion of it? Is it worth $30, or a flash sale buy?


This happens.......a lot. And it makes it look like a less-than-legit site or something.


Why does unpopped popcorn have more calories than popped?


The Best Buy here has had 6 Switches in stock for the past week. Just sitting there on the shelf. Maybe the "shortage" is over.


If you have a Switch and want to populate your friend list, feel free to add me: 0914-8325-3411


Crap! I almost got caught playing Zelda in my cubicle! Tennis shoes + carpet = noiseless coworker.


Has anyone else notice that the "User ID" field is gone from their Nintendo Account profile page? It's now "Sign-In ID". Looks like our online names are simply what we name our Miis again, or nickname our profiles.


Is anyone else using iOS and having the page crash every 2 mins and reloading? It's driving me INSANE! I can't even reply to comments anymore.


So how do I unblock people in the comment section? I don't have a Disqus profile, only a Destructoid one. It doesn't give me the option to undo it.


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