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I’ve been playing so much Stardew Valley on the Switch, that I feel guilty about it. :/


Completed Undertale for the first time last night. I had my expectations too high. It was all right, but didn’t stand out to me. The music was good. My favorite part.


Samus Returns *SPOILER ALERT*: Post in comments to protect virgin eyes from spoilatry.


I had to put my dog down, and now I need some good retail therapy.


Being neurotic really sucks. I'm obsessing that my dog has given me rabies. He was in a fight, with what I don't know, and I was exposed to his spit while medicating him the day after. And the vet gave him a post bite vaccination because he had lapsed...


I wish they'd localize Phantasy Star Online 2 for the Switch. I'd play it. Come on **Sega**, do it. It's there, just translate it. Does anyone know if it's blocked behind some IP fence or can we import it? Edit: there I fixed it.


Sour Patch Kids have got to be what the ancient Greeks meant when they talked about the ambrosia that the gods ate. Sour Patch Kids are the food of Greek divinity. If you don't like them, then your tongue is broken.


Just finished the Steins;Gate VN. My thoughts? I should have just watched the anime. Which I'm watching tonight, and then starting Steins;Gate 0 afterwards.


The music in Mario + Rabbids is just phenomenal. It's my favorite part of the game. Adds so much to each battle. Other devs need to follow suit and understand that music is a pivotal part of the package.




Square said they're updating the gameplay of Secret of Mana 3D to match modern platforms, but still retaining the original charm.... fear has instantly taken over that this is gonna suck. I smell a phone game ported to PS4/Vita. Hope they do it right.


My brother has entered the phase of life where he is a game collector and not a game player. He owns more than 200 games, but won't play any of them past the title screen. But still just keeps buying. Gamer ADHD. I hope that doesn't happen to me...


And the SNES Classic has brought down the GameStop website....


I'm in chemical plant 1, went in a pipe and now it won't let me out. Am I missing something or did it glitch on me?


I've one of those confession things: I bought Paranormal Activity for PSVR.... I'm forcing my roommate to play it for me. It makes me puke after 5 mins. But he's evidently superhuman & is immune to all types of motion sickness. But not demons called Toby.


If you're looking for a Switch, check with Best Buy in stores. I just did a check, and every store within 200 miles of me has them in stock. They got a shipment in I'd assume.


The writing in the SyFy show Van Helsing is atrocious. And that's putting it nicely. I mean....it's horrible. But the show itself could be good. If they hired all new writers.


This is still a gaming site isn't it? The quick posts have me confused that I might have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque.


Spoiler alert: So if Mario 2 (U.S.) all takes place in a dream of Mario's, then why do we see enemies from that game in other Mario games? Shy Guys, Birdos, etc. It shouldn't be....


I'm thinking of getting back into Final Fantasy 14, but non of my RL friends play anymore. And I'm tired of playing MMOs solo. Random LS groups seldom click with me either. Is there any Destructoid groups that play?


It really saddens me that Star Trek: Bridge Crew was DOA. It had so much potential, and was so much fun to play. It'd make my year if they announced more content for it.


Hey, Destructoid needs a mobile app! And not just one that's a webpage in an app. A real, legit mobile app. They were taking suggestions for the site the other day, and that's mine. Make it so, Number 1!


If there's one thing I've learned from today's fun little exercise, it's that there are too many people who are afraid of other people's opinions. I've honestly enjoyed reading everyone's different viewpoints on videogames. It's been rather refreshing


The Originals is just a lesser quality rehash of The Vampire Diaries. It needed to be cancelled. If I wasn't watching it to kill time at work, I wouldn't keep going. I also can't tell if Davina (the Elaina clone) is hot, or so ugly it confuses your eye.


Unpopular opinion: the 8-bit indie games need to stop. I lived through the NES era, I have no desire to revisit it.


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