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I .named my island NoManIsAn Island. Shouts to the homie John Donne


There’s a docuseries (I use that loosely) on Hulu called The Food That Built America. It’s pretty alright so far....I’m done with s1e1 and will probably see it through to the series end. Thank god for the FDA.


Never played an Animal Crossing game before. Seeing how batshit people are for it though has me intrigued...so I bought it. I really hope I didn’t just drop 60 on some bullshit. :-)


What’s your favorite snack food that is no longer available? Mine....Turtle pies! Not so much for the quality and taste...but they bring back good memories of being a kid.


I bought the interactive story/game Cinders on Switch and am playing through it for the first time. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game/read a story like this before. Very relaxing.


Happy birthday Taterchimp! That name is awesome, better than PickleWeasel for sure :)


Just watched Birds of Prey. I’ve got a big problem with the portrayal of Zasz as kind of a little bitchboy in the film. He’s supposed to be a serial killer. BTW, the movie sucks. I’m sure you knew that already though


Anyone played Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition on PC? I don’t think I’ve ever played a D&D game before, thought I’d try to get an idea of what to expect, or whether or not I should just pass on it.


We bought a panini press/grill yesterday. Results forthcoming!! What’s your favorite kind of panini? Mine is definitely chicken with mozzarella and pesto. My nipples are getting hard just thinking about it....


Does anyone here play Vermintide 2? Looking to jump in after a long absence, but I don’t want to drop money on a copy if it’s in a bad state; been reading a bit on current state of the game and opinions appear to be mixed


I think the source of Ivar’s craziness in Vikings is the fact he can’t get laid. If he could just bust one...he’d calm the f down


King Of The Hill is legit one of the beat cartoons ever made. That’s my purse.....and I don’t know you.


Good morning you beautiful bastards


Watching this ramen documentary on Hulu has convinced me....I’ve never had a really good bowl of noodle soup.


#unpopularopiniontoid Final Fantasy should’ve been the only Final Fantasy game. The rest in the series can’t possibly live up to the first....and should’ve been properly named. Finaler Fantasy....Finalest Fantasy.....Post-Ultimate Fantasy...


I hope Darksiders: Genesis hits Game Pass. That'd be badass. Also, I'm pumped for Inquisitor: Martyr hitting Games w Gold later this month. I've had a hankering for Diablo clones lately


Update: RiffRaff schooled me up. Change effected I'm trying to change my display name...and I'm not changing it to anything obscene or dirty...and the site keeps telling me Woah There.....or Security Is Important! What am I doing wrong?


Dr Disrespect perpetuating the pseudo-credulity of already debunked COVID19 theories merely confirms what we all know: that he is one dumb motherfucker.


I’m making a run through The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and I gotta say, the main character Will Carter is a bonafide dickhead


I’m not sure about other platforms but Battlefield V is dead as fuck on Xbox. I just played 5 rounds of squad conquest and there are less than 50 people playing across the board


It’s fucked up that it’s gotten to the point where questions like these are asked on job applications


I feel like this is topical. I don’t like any politician, and I’ll keep my views out of it all...but this was too good to not post


Anyone here play the Neverwinter MMO? Any good? Thinking about getting into an MMO for my mindless, podcast-listening game


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