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Current events and the internet have my blood pressure way the fuck up. Going dark for a few days. Be well everyone


Protesters in my city fired Roman candle fireworks at officers outside of the downtown police precinct after officers ordered them to disperse on account of them attempting to break into the precinct. Idiots.


Woke up from a long nap to see that shit got so wild in Los Angeles that they imposed a 8 pm curfew. There aren’t enough cops in LA to enforce that.


Playing the new Warface: Breakout game reminds me of how terrible I am at Counter Strike. Gonna stick with it but man is it humbling


Here's two beta keys for KartRider: Drift on Steam! ZR94B-DG0XV-MZQTQ and H5WBP-IIG0J-WFHI6 ..::Enjoy::..


These got here today. This was the 2nd of 3 orders I placed...first is still in transit and 3rd hasn’t been fulfilled yet. Nemesis Tea tastes like Lemon Nestea with a hint of I’m not sure what, and not very sweet.. Very refreshing!


There’s a new Counter-Strike clone type shooter called Warface: Breakout that’s out right now. Anyone tried it? Xbox and PS4 need something like this, since we gets no luv from Valorant...and no updates to the 360 version of CS GO


Been playing a lot of Plunder in MW. Lots of fun! You can still place top 10 in the mode even if you’re teamed with dickbag random squaddies. If anyone is down to play, lemme know!!


Take a brief moment and remember all the fallen, deceased, POW and MIA US military personnel today. Some gave all. All gave some. Every one of them is worthy of respect <3


Made some sloppy joes using the last of my ground venison. Sad that my supply is depleted...but damn it’s good meat


Archery shop is back open...!!!! Bow hunting might be saved for the summer!!!!!!


Anyone playing Maneater? Worth 40? My son is pressing me for a copy


Hobby Lobby opened up today and I got a starter model for my boyo. He snapped it together and is eager to move onto another! Sorry for the sideways pics, not sure how to fix that


I’m gonna fight this motherfucker


Does anyone have any experience with third party joycons? My legit pair are drifting again. I’ve already had them repaired once by Nintendo. Really don’t want to throw down 80+ on another pair since they’re just going to drift regardless.


Just finished up the series Das Boot on Hulu. I’m thankful my experience on an SSN wasn’t anything like the one on U-612.


Edit: Tom just announced Stamp Day!!!! It’s ON. Blathers still hasn’t offered me a Stamp Card....am I missing something? Museum is built out and I been bringing him stuff like a good friend does...


Just turned down an opportunity to work at an ICE facility here in Cali. Pay was on point...but I wouldn’t be able to feel good about working in such an institution


If you’re into WWII movies, The 12th Man is pretty decent. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays a pretty believable Nazi colonel. Film itself is about a failed sabotage plot and the escape of the eponymous 12th man, Jan Baalsrud from German pursuit across Norwa


I fucked up and took some of Blue’s turnips off his island....tho I really didn’t know that it’s a no-no. I feel like the Dodo guy should have told me beforehand


Finish building the goddamned museum, Blathers. I’m tryin to get my Stamp Day on! Also.....anyone want island visitors? I still haven’t been to an actual persons island


Just An Update...or a Downdate.

Hello one and all. It's been too long since proper blog flowed from these lithe fingers, so I figured I'd get one on the books.  Nothing too interesting has been going on lately, other than watching people lose their proverbial sh...


Anyone down to shoot me their Dodo Code? I'd like to see some other islands!!


Animal Crossing is like crack. Not that I’d know what crack is like. Anymore.


She ain’t even tryna ride it tho


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