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I'm Back.

I disappeared from Destructoid a few years back, (roughly two) because I had accepted a new position. This new position could ultimately terminate me if I were to say the wrong thing on social media and the like. I enjoy writing and r...


Alternative Fact: Pikman live in the new Joy-Con that make HD rumble possible.


Project Scorpio: A Cautionary Tale

  It is no secret that Xbox has been on the rise ever since Phil Spencer took over in March 2014. Every E3 since then has been about walking back a PR nightmare. One that he unfortunately inherited. However, change has been happen...


Making up for lost time like...


Midnight Snack

You know how it is. You're jamming out in a gaming session and suddenly it hits you. Your body is saying feed me and you are thinking, just one more match. Just one more turn. So, instead of being a sensible adult, we tend to tur...


Forgot to post earlier but absolutely LOVE Mewtwo! Happy Birthday little buddy!


Quit Playing Games You Are Not Enjoying

  We are all guilty of this. You just bought a game that had great reviews. Or maybe a friend convinced you to buy it. Perhaps even, it was on sale and it just looked good. No matter how you come to acquire it, upon playing t...


It is nice to finally see a good movie for once. And by that I mean Hidden Figures. Great character development. Emotionally engaging. All around great story. If you are remotely interested in NASA or the Space Program, it's a must.


New Year's evil: A Darkness Within

  *WARNING! Spoilers Ahead* (Star Wars Ep. 7)     "I don't play villains. I play interesting people." -Alan Rickman    I like to think of myself as a positive person. However, just as the name suggests, I ...


Me every time Nintendo announces hardware, games, etc.

 from  our Community Blogs

Unpopular Opinion: 7 Days To Die is actually a pretty fun game to play with friends. Think Minecraft meets the real Zombie Apocalypse but with some glitches here or there.


Controversial Opinion: At CES 2017 LG just created the newest form factor for TV's going forward. For Once, Samsung will need to follow in order to stay relevant.


Online Personas and Where to Find Us

If you live in the modern world to it's fullest extent, you probably have some kind of alias that you go by. I often wonder how some of us get these names. Sometimes they are given to us and other times we create them in our image. If...


Taking A Chill Pill: Games

When confronted by the daily challenges we face professionally, personally and emotionally, we play games. I would venture to say many of us have done this. Under varying degrees of anger or frustration, we tend to look for something ...


Killing Time: Again

  Being September, we are in the days before gaming chaos takes hold. The days are much longer. Whether it be work or school or both, as soon as we get home we tend to not have a specific game in mind. Now, if this was October or ...


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