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Got a hankering for some rpg side-scrolling action, Zelda 2 style. Anyone got any good recommendations (preferably on Steam)?


So.. apparently Youtube are making it harder to link to Patreon (to protect us from abuse, apparently). Who exactly do they expect to make videos for them if nobody can make any money doing so?


Any Dtoiders play Hearthstone? I've come up with an interesting control hunter list. Also apologies if I double post. Was having connection issues.


So Mass Effect Andromeda isn't going to get any more patches, updates, or the promised DLC. That sucks, especially when the game was nowhere near as bad as some made it out to be.


Seeing as everyone's getting out their unpopular opinions, here's mine: Origin is better than Steam.


Replaying Valkyria Chronicles (because I never got round to finishing it), and holy crap is chapter 7 4:a Desert duel with Maximilian a stunningly bad level in an otherwise awesome game so far.


Anyone know a good way to dispose of old broken controllers? Clearing out my room I've found like 4. I can't seem too find any recycling stuff, but there's got to be something better than just putting all that plastic and electronic stuff in the bin.


Quick question: what are people's feelings on emulation?


Just voted. Also, hello Dtoid, because I never introduced myself.


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