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Been worried that the series was starting to stagnate, but this Sun/Moon demo has me hyped to the ninth degree. So many good ideas are going into this game and it's going to be fantastic.


Finally picked up the Handsome Collection and I'm digging it. I got through the campaign (main and DLC) on my laptop but the performance left a lot to be desired. Here, I can't get over how smooth the HC feels, and it looks good too.


There's an immense pain attached to losing 18,000 souls in Scholar of the First Sin. There's a similar pain when you realized that it was you who fucked up royal - not the game being unfair.


It's always been fascinating to see how NoA and Nintendo UK handle the same games...


Found this gem a couple days ago and I couldn't believe that I was even holding it. It's one of the few games where the ending had an emotional impact on me as young'n, aside from being just brilliant. Definitely in my top five.


Just bought Alpha Protocol through the Steam sale. As much as I tend to lean on official reviews, the cult following this game has for its storytelling is unshakable. Excited to give it a go.


Through some fanagling, I managed to get The Division to run on my aging G74sx RoG laptop... So long as it's HDMI'd to my TV. Aside from a couple graphical glitches I can't explain, it works surprisingly well. Laptop's a trooper.


So, I was surprised to see that Netflix got the Persona 3 movie in their streamline. I've been watching it - much like other game anime it's condensed (of course), but it's still fun to watch. In true Netflix fashion though, they have the second movie ins


The World Ends With Ink

About six months ago, I moved to Arizona to start up a soul-draining, yet rewarding excercise known as University. Since I was going to be living on my own, I figured it would be ample time to cross off an early item on the bucket lis...


A Belated (Re) Introduction

Hello, everyone! This is LegendPenguin - coming to you live from a place I wish was Santa Destroy. I've been here for a year now, and the majority of my time has been spent lurking about both the C-blogs and DToid prime, with small comments...


I Got Into the OnLive Beta!!!

...Which is what this post would be about. The feeling of finally getting to experience the possible future of console killers (not my words) was abound when I got the E-mail saying I was a Founding Member. Then this line came up: Interne...


Review: The Red Star (iPod Touch/iPhone)

This review is a look at the game's aspects on the Apple products, so those looking for an overall look at The Red Star before the port should check out Kraid's review of the game here. All caught up? Good. On to the Apple versions. Now...


Disrespect for the Creators? Yeah, it Happens.

This is a prime example of premier fucking bullshit when it comes to Fanboys. Any kind of fanboys. You go so goddamned low to disgrace the very game you are there for, just because the prize for whatever fucking game they were playing wa...


Micro-Review: Kratos' Fury Slurpee

While I currently don't have the means to get a PS3 and God of War 3 at the moment (still saving), I did manage to get a taste of the game's very own Slurpee flavor, dubbed Kratos' Fury. A very purple Raspberry Lime, it's actually not tha...


Penguin-Review: Sands of Destruction

So forgive the late post, but after finding so few reviews on this game (and none posted here on DToid), I figured after picking this up last week, I'd put in my two cents on how the game has turned out. Well, to be honest, it does deserv...


Girl + Crutches v.s. XBox Thief = Win

An 11-year old girl took off after a would-be 360 thief while brandishing little more than her father's crutch in New Zealand on Tuesday. Yeah, you read that right. The robber had taken the 360 along with an iPod from the girl's home. ...


Wait a minute...THIS is what it looks like?

I mean, yeah, I had seen pics of the guys using it, but those were at a distance. But...really? Wow...I'm kinda hoping they'll change the design a bit before it comes out... Look, you already look kinda ridiculous playing game with the W...


New NMH2 Dev Diary is F*cking Brilliant

Hopefully this hasn't been posted already, but I found this while lurking my former place of blog - You have to appreciate how calm Suda is throughout all the crazy excerpts during the vid; and the fact that we're battling through 52 as...


So, I have Joined the RRoD Ranks

My valiant 360 did battle with the failure earlier on in the week, going from red to green, fighting like Superman fought Doomsday. But, it came back tonight and has forced a TKO. Lucky enough, repair is still free and that shiny new Micro...


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