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Was loving Minecraft Dungeons on my Switch until I ran into the infinite loading glitch. How lovely.


Bouncing off W101 super hard. The mechanics aren't clicking and it's getting frustrating not seeing attacks coming at you due to the perspective. It's insanely charming for sure, but I'm not having as much fun with it as I'd hoped.


Hey Dtoid - I'm looking to upgrade my chair game. Been researching the Secret Lab Omega chairs but was wondering if y'all had suggestions or opinions on Omega or other options.


Hey Doom Eternal players - avoid using the IDKFA cheat until Id releases a patch. It's been glitching and rearranging the weapon mods when you go back to the main campaign. Heads up.


Whatcha playing on your 3DS, Destructoid? (Sorry for stealing your bit, Moyse).


I love what I love. Also, this thing is great if you want to play something while zoning out to YouTube videos at the same time.


You know it's bad when your fiancee, who hasn't touched a Pokemon game since X&Y, also thinks Hop is an insufferable piece of work.


Continuing from my last QPost - Bloodstained Switch still needs work, but it's not a total loss. Aside from bits of missing audio, aside from the shortcut menu removing my weapon, it's a great fuckin game @ $20.


Nabbed Bloodstained and SR 3 for the Switch at $20 a piece from Best Buy this weekend, knowing full well they had rocky starts. Haven't tested Bloodstained out yet, but I haven't run into any troubles with SR 3. Looks like they fixed it.


Appreciating how Jedi: Fallen Order doesn't beat you over the head with it's FromSoft mechanics and more eases them in naturally as you play. Less 'forced' (ha), more 'homage.'


Anyone know how big the Smash 6.0 update is g.b.-wise? No Wi-Fi at work so I was going to use my phone's data. Don't want to nuke the data I have left, though.


I know we're not about the SPORTS here but I'm legit bummed out that Deadspin is effectively dead because some rich asshole told them to "stick to sports" and they didn't listen. Fuck Jim Spanfeller.


So I bought the D.VA Switch controller because someone here said that Power A paid the licensing fee so sales would go to them, not Blizzard. But are there not royalties involved as well? Should I return this thing? I don't want Bliz (CONT'D IN COMMENTS)


I cannot get Sayonara Wild Hearts out of my goddamned head. It's not just the music, it's the whole, damn...thing. Christ almighty that's one of the best games I've played this year.


Apparently Bioware posted a blog update yesterday about the state of Anthem and it's pretty much "We're listening." I feel really bad for the folks that bought this thing at launch. http://blog.bioware.com/2019/09/17/what-is-next-for-anthem/


I mean, do you not lab CrossTag at your local game bar while Super Madnes is playing a set?


Watched a video of the unlockable skins in MUA 3 earlier this morning and...ehhhhhh.


The dude Gigguk put out a great tribute to KyoAni yesterday. Definitely set aside 10 mins of your time to take a look. https://youtu.be/bTl0BBrw3Y0


Hey Nintendo, happy for the Switch Lite and whatever Pro model you might be coming out with down the road. IF YOU COULD SETTLE DOWN FOR A MOMENT AND FIX THE JOY-CON DRIFT ISSUE I'D BE EVEN MORE HAPPY.


I realized what was bugging me about the Stadia pricing - it's a sub, but we're still buying full-priced games...to stream them. There isn't even a download. That seems...off.


Samurai Champloo peeps (and hip-hop peeps in general), Tsutchie put out a banger of a Summer track today that I can't get out of my head. So fun. Spotify link in the comments.


My one complaint with Lapis x Labyrinth is that there isn't enough of a show when one of your teammates dies or is downed (ironic for a game that is one big light show), since it's easy to get lost in the scrum of it all. Otherwise, brilliant little game.


Firewatch has been giving me the worst anxiety I've felt from a game. The story turns, open area and voice acting all drip with a kind of fear that I hate and love and can't seem to shake. I'm ready for it to be over, but I'll miss it when it's done.


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*Epilepsy warning for the video* I reinstalled Super Still cant clear levels other than No desire to try clearing hardest (and hardestestest?) at all since I made the mistake of using the music as a Begin/Again?

Jinx 01

The one good thing getting me through lock down has been getting to spend a lot of time with my am so freaking lucky, shes an amazing


Wait, if games are becoming too large to fit on a single Blu-ray that requires the rest to be downloaded then why not make them multi-disc? Why do I need to waste data on that?

Voltaic Owl

Happy anniversary, Pisskan! I hope you and yourself have a great time!


Mario Maker 2 Map


Nintendo really knows how to sell me games lol :3


Wanted to say “birthday” instead of “anniversary” 🤣 Fuck: my english isn’t improving with the years lol



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