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For every Shamrock Shake you don't drink I'll drink 2


Everyone talking about remaking RE3 and 4 (aside; 4 is perfect and doesn't need to be touched ever). But how about remaking REmake? Running through that mansion with modern gameplay would be phenomenal.


Just beat the last level of Tempest 4000, complete with enemies that clutter up the screen when you attack them, a stage that changes in no fixed pattern and endless waves of dumb. What's the dumbest challenge you've completed because you were at the end?


Lights off game installed and the shrooms are starting to kick in. This is going to be wild.


I'm a huge Suda fanboy and I love NMH 1+2 but Travis Strikes Again is really lackluster. Granted I've only beat the first two chapters/games but it's boring. The lack of voice acting (due to the strike) and humor is also absent. So disappointing :(


Isn't it weird that beer looks like piss but it makes your piss not look like piss?


Super Dave was one of the best tv shows ever and Bob was fantastic on Curb Your Enthusiasm. RIP


Dtoid, did you lovelies know that an even number of olives in your martini is considered bad luck and ideally you want 1 or 3? Bring on your worst 2019 you stupid skank I ain't afraid. Happy new years everyone!!!


GOTY Singapore Sling edition 1)Celeste 2)Hollow Knight 3)Octopath Traveler 4)Dead Cells 5)DQ11 6)God of War 7)Tempest 4000 8)Yoku's Island Express 9)Mario Tennis Aces 10)Far Cry 5 Spiderman was good for 2 hours then got repetiti


Got this for Black Friday last week now I finally have time to build it! Wish me luck, I have no idea what I'm doing and will probably get electrocuted


Good luck with the Black Friday shopping everyone. Please be careful and don't get trampled in a parking lot


Can you folks please stop having birthdays I am running short on pleasantries. I'M LOOKING AT YOU KEV AND SAM AND ANYONE ELSE WHO HAS A BIRTHDAY IN THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE


Happy birthday Mr. Moyse! Your positivity and kindness is something we could all aspire to. I hope you have a great year ahead of you


A bit late to the party but Dead Cells is awesome. Also my name is now spooky. Sorry for any pant defecation in advance


If you aren't playing Red Dead with a Player Piano playlist in the background you are doing it wrong.


Earlier this year I started a Duolingo Spanish course with no prior knowledge of the language aside from "Una más cerveza, señor". Just finished this morning, would have been done in the summer but they added more content. Set goals and do them Dtoid!


Need some good Halloween themed games for the Switch. Already played RE revelations and won't double dip. Thinking about picking up Bloodstained but that's all I can think of. Oh and I'm replaying Bayonetta 2 because witches and stuffs


Wish I could upload videos from my phone to qtoid because I've got a video of my cat trying to catch her tail while one of her claws is stuck in a chair that I think y'all would appreciate


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