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Well the internet is dead. Looking forward to seeing everyone on telegramtoid!


Bayonetta 3 preorder bonus should be a jar of mayonnaise branded Mayonetta.


The things you find when you visit your mother, who is the dangerous combination of working as a head manager at a daycare and being a complete clutterbug. #kinktoid


Back in my day if you wanted to become someone else you had to murder them, gut them like a fish and wear their skin. You kids have it so easy now with the internet smh


Tmw you have to take a massive dump but the city has shut off your water to repair a broken water main.


I'm thankful I celebrated this stupid holiday 5 weeks ago. Have fun dealing with your families/in-laws, suckers!!!


Dear lord Moira is so much fun to play, might be my new favorite support. I actually think her main healing needs a buff though, it's hard to keep teammates up unless you combo it with your orb. Even then, it runs out pretty quick.


Geoff Keighley says to "expect the unexpected" at The Game Awards. The unexpected being a watchable show. Zing.


One of the best feelings in life is quitting a job you hate. Trust me, you can always find another. It ain't worth the time or energy if it's making you miserable, so just tell your boss to eat shit and die <3


I got to say, my favourite part of the new Wolfenstein campaign is when I got to murder thousands of nazis.


Shout out to my Canadian brethrens for not choking away the OW series against the Aussies.


Happy birthday Churros! How you have made it this far into life without being eaten is a mystery.


We had 15 kids tonight. Used to have over 100 every year in the 90s to the mid 00s. Halloween is dead. Yet I still buy absurd amounts of candy because I'm in denial about my gluttony. More #HalloweenMusic because stuffs.


Can't figure out if the bump near my junk is an ingrown hair or herpes. Place your bets in the comment section.




If anyone else is watching this ball game right now, this is too much fuckery and I just want to go to bed. Someone win this thing, I got shit to do tomorrow!


Dtoid got super drunk last night and didn't feel like going into work today.


Downloaded RE7 and to cap off my October horror game marathon. Let the pant-shittery commence!


It's my brother's birthday coming up and I like to joke with him about being a weeb. Thinking about getting him a body pillow and a card that says "because I know how much you like to fuck inanime objects."


Mario + Rabbids is pretty nifty but I'm stoked for John Cena + Waluigi


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