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Okay so I know I'm 3 years late but I just saw the video for trap queen for the first time and what the h is going on with fetty waps eye


Bought Hollow Knight last week (about 10 hours in), just picked up Octopath and also rebought Gungeon for the Switch because of the sale and portable goodness. Oh and I have to play in splatfest tonight. So many games so little time


Got my Little Caesars Hot N Ready and beer, now it's time to sit back and watch some huuuuuge dongs for the home run derby. This is legit my favorite day in the summer.


A very special but belated birthday wishes to both JCDent and WILF, you're both awesome!


Bought Hollow Knight with some gold coins from My Nintendo. Hope this keeps me occupied until Octopath


Happy America day. Just remember that freedom isn't free, it costs folks like you and me


These ads are making it really difficult for me to comment on news stories. It's super slow to begin with and my chrome has frozen a few times now on mobile. Disqus can get bent.


Let me tell ya kids it's a hot one out there. It's so hot my sweat is sweating. It's so hot my AC needs AC. It's so hot my ice tea has turned to melted water tea. It's so hot I inherited my mom's hot flashes. It's so hot the hobo I murdered smells funky


Done with Mario Tennis Aces until they nerf Bowser JR. Did Camelot even play test him before they released the game? How could something so broken and stupid make the final cut?


Has anyone else experience gyro controls suddenly stop working in Mario Tennis? Second time during the middle of a match my aiming stopped working and I had to use sticks. I looked online but can't find anything yet. Shit is weird


Heading out to catch Depeche Mode at the ACC right now so I won't be able to join you all for Sony's E3, hopefully it's a good one and y'all get all the games you want. Maybe see everyone tomorrow for Nintendo if I'm not destroyed by extracurriculars ;)


Today marks the 20th anniversary of the passing of Phil Hartman. One of the all time comedic greats who is still deeply missed. RIP.


Happy birthday to Parismo whose name is an anagram for sip roam. Make of this what you will people...




So as it stands I've got 22 tracks demo'd for my first album. Now I have to sit around listening to my dorky self attempt to sing and figure out what stays and what goes, then try to figure out the track order. Getting closer...


Dtoid, meet D.Va. She's a 9 (almost 10!) year old lady who needed a home. She's been living in a shelter for the past 3 months and needed some love. In case you haven't figured it out, she's named D.Va because ;)


The fact that when I type "f" into my phone the two suggested words are "for" and "fuck" means it has been paying attention.


Shout-out to my boy Admiral Ackbong on his birthday! Smoke some dopes and drink some boozes and make some poor choices of judgements


#hailmarytoid a few months back in the comment section someone mentioned wanting to play DQ6 but not being able to find it. I came across a copy (just cartridge) at EBGames. I picked it up just in case since it was dirt cheap. DM me if you see this!!!


Hard to believe the first April Fool's was held over 2000 years ago when Jesus convinced the world he was dead a few days. Top notch April Fool's gag that has yet to be beat.


Anyone here proficient with Photoshop and want to make some easy money? I need some posters done up for a new gigging band I'm doing and my old Photoshop person has gone MIA. Send me a DM if you're interested!


To all 5 of us baseball fans on dtoid, Happy Opening Day! May your team not be out of the playoff picture by the end of April and May all your hot dogs be free of ketchup.


Beat Celeste 100% (no golden though because fuck that). 25:47 hours and 7150 deaths later, this is me reacting. I CAN DO ANYTHING :D


I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer. Happy St Paddy's dtoid let the drunken buffoonery commence


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