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Just want to give a quick shout out to the wonderful Dtoiders I met at the EGLX today. It was awesome meeting you all and I hope you have a bitchin time tonight. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Toronto! Pic semi related.


Congrats to Chris Carter on fatherhood! And thank you for The X Files, I still marathon the whole series every other year.


Summit B Side complete. That's a nice round number. At least 333 of those deaths were due to the pro controller being shit.


Got tickets to Depeche Mode in June! Two claps and a Ric Flair 👏👏 WOOOOO


Snowstorm here so I ain't going out to buy booze. Where the heck is Uber Drinks


Tmw you text your friend reminding them to get tickets the night before and they still get drunk the night before and miss the sale. $500 scalpers here we come


Not feeling too hot now about my recent one night stand. Thanks empire wok.


Tmw you realize you can't spell Owen Wilson without wow


Wes still watches What Does The Fox Say and quotes it on a regular basis.


Calling my parents is the Dark Souls of adult relationships


I wish my girlfriend went down on me as often as PSN does.


Do you guys and gals remember playing RE4 when it released in January 2005 and thinking "it's only January but this game won't be topped this year"? That's how I'm feeling about Celeste.


Celeste. Prettay, prettay, prettay, prettay good.


Leave it to Nintendo to find a way to charge premium for cardboard


Been crazy busy demoing music for the past 3-4 months and finally starting work on the album. Just spent a good 13 hours recording/mixing/editing some stuffs. Hoping to have some music to share with y'all soon but for now, feeling super motivated.


I wish old man winter would materialize before me so I could kick him in the dick.


Well new years still fucking blows. Bar was out of booze at 12:47 and getting a cab/Uber is impossible. Happy new years anyway,hope y'all are fucked up


Going to a party in an underground bank vault where they used to store bars of gold. It's a win win because I'll still get shitfaced but if nuclear war breaks out we'll be good. Happy new years everyone!!!


GOTY Singapore Sling edition 1) BotW 2) RE7 3) Metroid Samus Returns 4) Horizon Zero Dawn 5) Nier automata 6) Steamworld Dig 2 7) Spla2oon 8) Super Mario Odyssey 9) Cosmic Star Heroine 10) 80s Overdrive


It would be cool if Nier Automata had a difficulty between "die after 8 hits" and "die after 2 hits".


Got an eShop gift card. Do I get steamworld dig 2 or golf story? Please help I am unable to make simple, non-life threatening changes by myself


Wishing all my lovely dtoiders a pleasant holiday season <3


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