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( Mortal Kombat 11 )Now that a major problem will be fixed, should reviews be revisited? So, Yes. A major gripe in pretty much all reviews out there complained about the grind, etc. That will be fixed this week, there is no reason to complain. Feedback?


Anyone mind if I use a quick post to announce my printable easy to use Mortal Kombat 11 character move sheets? Kabal is here: https://i0.wp.com/moco.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/MK11-KABAL.png?ssl=1 The rest can be found here: http://moco.net


I made a post the other day asking if people wanted easy to read printable mortal kombat 11 character move sheets, you voted! Your wish is my command, this is where I'm hosting the sheets: http://moco.net , I take requests also. Feedback welcome.


So I'm making Mortal Kombat 11 printable character sheets, my goal is to make it easier to look at a sheet and have an easy to read sheet with combos, fatalities etc. Here is how they looked like for MK X: https://moco.net/2015/12/11/201/ , any feedback?


Which Retro RPG Should I play? The actual poll is here: https://moco.net/2019/02/08/which-retro-rpg-should-i-play/ Game titles with hours: Lufia 1 - 26 Breath of Fire - 25:30 Illusions of Gaia -13 Super Mario RPG - 16:30 Earthbound - 28


Playing through every Mega Man game to the end!

I’m going to do it, I’m going to work my way through every Mega Man game starting with part one all the way to eleven. I’m also going to throw in Game Boy, DS, etc, I’m not so sure of Mega Man Xs, and the PSP v...


How do you get through your video game backlog?

Sooner or later everyone accumulates too many games and too few hours to play them. This is how I deal.   Games, too many great games, too few hours. How do you deal? This is the time where all the heavy hitters come out. The Chr...


The grand Metroidvania Extravaganza – 12 Games

Every once in a while I go into a phase and get tons of games of a specific gameplay genre, this time that phase is Metroidvanias. I have twelve games in my backlog and I’m going to play each for one hour and then decide which t...


Incoming Blog Journal: Project Gorgon

Project Gorgon, Click on through for an introduction Cut from the same cloth as Asheron's Call and Everquest, Project Gorgon is a new MMORPG developed by a small team of people with experience dating back to AC1, 2, EQ and more. What ...


Overwatch vs Paladins - Why I like Paladins more

This is just my thoughts, I'm sure there are many people that think otherwise. At first glance, you'd be right to think that Paladins and Overwatch are the same types of game. But, if you look closer you couldn't be more wrong. Palad...


About Sapato64one of us since 9:21 AM on 05.20.2016

Hey everyone, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sapato and I’ve been gaming since as long as I can remember.

My first console I started on was the Atari 2600, and it was my brothers. Years later, we received the Nintendo Entertainment System from our mom. I still remember the day and giving her a great big hug. The NES changed everything, no longer were we controlling squares and hearing blips and bloops. ( I was too young to understand it anyways) Instead characters came to life and all kinds of catchy melodies came out from our television.

Our Nintendo came with R.O.B. the robot which was kind of useless, since he was so slow to move, It was supposed to function with the included Gyromite. It was probably the first form of Co-op gaming we had. Thankfully Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt also came with the system.

So we had an NES, followed by a Master System, Genesis, SNES, 32x, Sega CD, and so on and so on. Shout out to J&J Video Games for making trading-in Video Games possible. It was a store at the local flea market plaza. If it wasn’t for them I would not have played as many games as I did.

Mega Man 2 to this day still stands as my favorite game. The variety of bosses, the music and power ups, and the level design were all top notch. I played it so much that I was able to beat it with just one life. Not really a hard achievement considering the USA’s normal mode was actually Japan’s easy mode, and difficult was Japan’s normal.

So there you have it, I hope to post often on the current games I’m playing and making this a gaming journal even if no one else reads it.

Thank You for your time, and I hope you enjoy the site.