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Oh happy day... A special surprise inclusion from the wonderful Jetter Mars on the most appropriate of days. It comes with multiple accessories!


I'm sure someone has mentioned something about this already, but I gotta say that I really *dig* Idris Elba as Knuckles.


Shoutout to @Jetter Mars for being a great fucking dude. I didn't open your special surprise yet, so I didn't take a picture.


Man dang ol technical difficulties mang. Talm bout gotdamn cheers mang


Beach Trip for my beach trip. Happy birthday to da boiz.


Neronium give everything up to be a drummer with me and my band and you'll get more pussy than me.


So my best friend's basically Piccolo and he grew up playing and one day this lil Gohan mofo became his friend and wanted to play so play they did. That lil Gohan mofo is Jared Butler and was drafted by the Utah Jazz. Let's see what happens.


Happy Bday, Chronolynx. You always seem very nice, so I hope your day was very nice.


RIP Dusty. Many thanks to Poppa P1SS for introducing me to ZZ Top all those years ago.


If anyone lives in or around Sacramento and can do me a solid, lemme know. I got something from BIDRL without knowing they didn't ship and that's a bit of a fart noise. It's my fault.


Happy Birthday to The Intern. I'll mark it zero for ya, buddy.


Good morning. Here's a cover to get you out of the covers.


Youtube is the devil, but I love to dance


jesus fucking christ... art is, and has been, ripping off everything that I was into and good at and just putting it into the machine and nobody is down to start a band anymore (curse of the millennium). So yea, I'm in school again.


GANGSTA GREEZY... I do fucks with the new Tyler. Reminds me of the ol' mixtape days and of course the greatest feature rapper has a moment (Wayne). I like the shout outs... reminds me of Smokee Robinson shit. Good lil rap record.


Chihayafuru is really good and this is a neat little switch up. Looking forward to drenching my Jag in reverb after some school twerk.


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