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Fender Jaguar makes my life complete. Shame the strat got stolen, but I'm a jag guy now. Time for some Ultra Moon. Also, yay Pels (long as AD is healthy and Rondo plays, we're a lot of fun) and fuck yea Saints


Also, like, idk if y'all know or anything but this Halloween profile pic that I'm too lazy to change is still Kanye. He just happens to be wearing a Margiela MASK. Cuz of Halloween.


Metal Box (Second Edition) by Public Image Ltd. is such an incredible album




Just handing out candy, getting stoned, drinking, and watching weird/fucked-up movies tomorrow... First time I haven't done anything for Halloween night in a LONG time. Any suggestions for movies would be kind of neat


Kendrick Lamar, acid, and I'm dressing up like a cat tomorrow... Yaaaaaahhhhhhh


I'm making a push for people to refer to Majora's Mask as "Lynchian"


Teri Gender Bender is a fucking baaaaabe. Dear gawd.


Bout to start a new playthrough of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Never finished it the first go-round. It just oozes charm and the art style is easily my favorite visual representation of Mario and co.


Kiko Mizuhara Kiko Mizuhara Kiko Mizuhara Kiko Mizuhara


You know something is off with Breath of the Wild when you first start. There is no Fairy Fountain theme, and the start/file select screen is minimalistic and modern


A suburban-sized, gothic chateau. It's gated and surrounded by the cleanest, greenest swamp known to any being. It never goes away. It's the purest place I've ever been and it isn't even real...


Our rations were provided to us as stickers on a single sheet. The thought of eating paper and glue was more appetizing than the images printed on said sheet. The actual nutritional value was nigh nonexistent; they simply made you full


If you ever decide to run naked through a parking lot, try not to get caught. Even if you don't go to jail, someone might steal your American-made Fender Stratocaster and and your 1996 Wendy's kid's meal shark wallet


Trout Mask Replica, Trout Mask Replica, not everyone should listen to Trout Mask Replica


What is your definitive version of psychedelia (across all mediums)?


I bought FE: Awakening on sale years ago before I even had a 3DS. I really enjoyed the GBA ones, but I can't seem to get into Awakening due to the switch to 3D models. The battles were so satisfying with sprites. Can anyone convince me to play it?


Welp. Just saw a second of the new Spider-Man cartoon. "We almost had him dad." All i need to see. Probably trash


Very let down by the Castlevania show. I didn't have huge expectations, and while I have immensely enjoyed every Castlevania that I've played- I'm not a hardcore fan. I wouldn't say it sucked, but eesh. Could've been so much better.


So is FFXV fun and people only hate on it because of the development/hype? I got a ps3 for it, but we know what happened there. And now my newest system is a Wii U, so i havent played it. Buuuttt i feel like i would love it


If my left eye wasn't bugging the shit out of me, I'd play at least 3-4 more hours of Dragon Quest VII. Alternating between that and BotW makes me feel like I'm 8 again.


If Max Payne 3 came out in 2015/2016, it would've won GOTY. There are layers to that statement. The game is a great *game*. Infer accordingly.


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