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Everytime I see Angela White, I think of Soulbow. When I touch myself to her, I feel like he's an energy in the room that is proud the way a parent might be when their child does sonething tasteful. So then it's weird again that it's Soul.


Do you hear the GBA startup with or without the Start+Select interruption/outro


Welp... Just saw My Hero's back, soooooo... guess it's a tonal shift in positive, emotional anime with fluid animation and other parallels and differences to fill the void


Joaquin did his thing and then some. Damn fine film. Best version of "gritty realism" applied to any IP, imo


One Piece's pacing reminds me of a JRPG, and I mean that with the best of adulation and the most obvious of detriment


While I think ALBW was a solid 8 (it was played like top-down Zelda and the 3D was like a diorama so points), I do not disagree with Chris "The Man" Carter's review. Let's be honest, we were hurt cuz of the man and his number... not his words


Dragonite is a tripping balls worthy joke in all aspects


Shameless post (I just lost my job, so please pity listen to this) https://soundcloud.com/planet%20/assembly-linebrain-scraper


Guess who got called a faggot and punched in the side of the head last night?


Ok. Starting to really dig into Yakuza 0 and all I can think of is how beautiful you guys are and how beautiful it is, and I'm also going back and watching Boosh from the start and they are such wonderful companion pieces


Ok, so is Torch actually like super pure cuz now I just keep thinking about pigtails and striped knee highs and bed jumping that calls for some reprimanding (also I'm usually into older women, but I don't discriminate)


The Cocteau Twins' album Treasure is exactly that. It's fucking spiritual


Last thing cuz I'm feeling creative again. Shat this out in 5 minutes. Don't know if I should add guitar... https://soundcloud.com/planet%20/i-do-not-support-this-message


Was fucking around and came up with this yesterday if anyone wants a listen. Best with headphones. And if someone is inspired to draw something or make a picture, that'd be pretty sweet... https://soundcloud.com/planet%20/bedtime-stories


Happy Birthday to two rad individuals and also props to FrostyFlakes for reminding me how hot a chick in a gas mask is and re-opening my brain to tightrope walking the line between high fashion and sexual deviance


Man y'all fools makin' me feel like a fool. Shoulda said bday gift finally came in. Stay beautiful, babies XOXO


goddamnit, Janet. She got that late 70s Michael sound but with the girl voice. Those guitar parts are hnnngg and that Genesis bass that is so characteristic of the New Jack Swing thing. Time to be creative again. Lob any "perceived" multimedia recs my way


"Let's Dance" -David Bowie (1983); Zion Williamson (2019)


I've been gone, getting my shit together and getting a job. I shall respond to whatever people I should respond to in due time. Love all of you beautiful weirdos. Don't ever change. Also, super excited to see what now becomes of the Pelicans. RIP AD


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