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maaaannn, someone broke into my homie's truck and stole my bag. All my weed, teeth, hair, and eyes. and my eczema cream! and my 3DS and all the games. I am NOT the kind of person who starts new games; I am VERY emotionally attached to my Pokémon


FFXV ain't perfect, but it's pretty good! Can't wait for that DQXI, tho. I have a slight feeling that many people here would like some of Zappa's stuff. Or most of it. Or just everything pre/plus Sheik. Or only Mothers. Or whatever. Listen to Zappa.


Cocteau Twin's "Heaven or Las Vegas" is an amazing album. Mega Man is kool and the girl I'm currently seeing looks like an evil short hair Videl. Good night to everyone. Hug and kiss the ones you love. Keep on being great... I've learned a lot from y'all


Happy bday, guy. Hope you have a Big O or something


MMZero version Zero for Smash is all I want. Knuckles would be dope, too


American mythology is nonexistent because of who we are. That's so lame. We just have White Jesus. If you touch your forehead then go left and right on your shoulders he makes you eat and drink his reincarnated remains. At least it's wine. Fucking lush.


Happy Birthday to that guy that we all like


With your unkempt singular brow and crowded mouth full of teeth like rows of jagged mountains... With your café au lait skin asking to be enjoyed with a side of death beignets... Your greatness knows no bounds. Anthony Davis, I love you.


I wish Knuckles had a move of some sort when he's vulnerable while dropping after gliding in Sonic Mania. I really enjoy playing as him. It opens up the level design in a very different way, imo. It's something I didn't fully pay attention to as a child


Anthony Davis, I want to ride on your back as you spread your wings and ascend to heights untouched by man


I can't stand Taylor Swift but she has pretty nice legs


What game has your favorite dash mechanic? Mega Man Zero fo' me. It's just super fucking tight... and it has a nice little sound


uuuhhhh idk how to post mp3's on here, but i did the little demo thang. No camp/cloud atm. Also, if you want to drop everything and feel like you're young, old, and talented/weird enough... let's go be rockstars. Bassist and drummer needed. Freaks only.


Goddamn this is incredibly well done. I will forever love MMBN 1, 2, and 3. Far from perfect, but excellent music/sound effects, addictive gameplay, a nice little group of friends, and some pretty damn good character designs overall.


Ayo Wes. I was at a tacos n tequila festival Thursday night and I saw someone who looked just like you. I said, "excuse me, but is your name Wes?" He said, "no, I'm Will." So i says to him, "aaahhh, bummer. you look just like this guy Wes who likes tacos.


Yo Neon Genesis Evangelion is super good. It's A E S T H E T I C as fuck wrapped up in existential mumbo jumbo with cheap emotional thrills and the right amount of TLC. It's absolutely beautiful. Time to read some books now cuz that shit was HOT.


What's that indie game where you play as some kind of assassin in settings that seem to resemble malls and slick-commercial type places? I want to say it's isometric, but I'm not sure. I think it got like a 7/10 on here. I'd like to check it out.


I'm super stoked cuz I'm recording a legit demo in an actual studio in two weeks


There's a Riot Goin' On is so fucking good.


Tails was my sidekick and I was the Hero of Time on some bio-mechanical Great Fox. Goku helped us all. Batman resorted to killing and had Robin sacrificed in his attempts to find out just what Spawn was up to. Cyborg got the info, though. My ex was there


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