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Sooooo... I'm really enjoying Tokyo Mirage Sessions


Metal Sonic is legit bad-fucking-ass. The universe robbed us of what could've been. Doofus evil genius that actually has means to fund war against a blue hedgehog makes his perfect creation and it goes Rogue (lololol). Those were ur fucking sequels, SEGA


Seeing the Super Mario 64 post made me wonder... Does anyone have any legitimate criticisms of that game that hinders their enjoyment or makes it unplayable to them?


Throw Lynch, Evangelion, Vonnegut, Nietzschie, mid 2000s late night Toonami/adult swim, Musou games, Robotron: 2084, Galaga, and Mega Man Legends in a blender and you get... Nier:Automata. Well-played, best Yoko, ya weird fucking nerd enfant terrible


When she comes, I'll drink from her unholy fountain


RIP Ditko. I partially blame you for me being a twirly, runnin' & jumpin', quippin' & thwippin', nerdy smart-ass


GT is... not that bad. Full-blown "Saturday morning Dragon Ball." The characters are lovable enough to pull it off, so it's fun. At least to me, and I guess that's all that matters.


Roughly halfway through The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles. Wonderful stuff. Really. Lots of thoughts and feels and shiet


Allen Iverson's crossover is such an incredibly badass move.


The cold, calm sheathing of a katana is such an incredibly badass move.


Bloodborne makes me feel specific things that I haven't felt since Majora's Mask


It's going to take a while to get where I want and what I want, but things have clicked for me in a way that feels much more "real" than ever before. Y'all are all welcome to my gross ass, fucked up version of Warhol's Factory when it happens.


Hoping Bass is a skin for Mega Man, especially cuz of the mentions of skin and echoes and shit. But I also hoped the other iterations of Mega were in 4, but Bass is actually closer in size to Mega Man


Just cuz it's called crystal doesn't mean meth's classy


Frieza in the streets, Kid Buu in the sheets. It's my birthdaaaayyyy.


I just tried to hold in a cough and sounded like a Thwomp.


If Curse of The Moon was a "full-length" game it'd def be a 10/10 for me. And I didn't grow up on Castlevania so I don't have nostalgia goggles.


A$AP's shit goes. Yesterday was a good day. Hello today.


This whole cancer business is reminding me of my uncle. Continued in comments if anyone wants to read...


Aside from nostalgia, how can people like Bruce Faulconer's work on DBZ? Seriously asking. It REALLY fucks up the tone, imo.


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