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My nocturnal emissions saved me from the apocalypse.


...none of y'all watched that shit *sigh*


Idc if Donovan Mitchell ripped us to shreds, that dude has bounce and flies and he slams that shit. Fucking Spider-Man... Man. Larry Nance Jr.'s backboard one was fucking weird tho and I loved it; better in-game dunker, though, imo.


If The Idiot didn't have "China Girl," it would be fucking perfect. Yay for NBA All-Star Weekend and pot and ABSOLUT lime and PS4.


Band name/solo project name until I can get competent musicians without debilitating drug problems... Trailer Trash Fever Dream. DON'T ANY OF YOU MOTHER FUCKERS STEAL IT


Dinosaurs in my dreams. Towering monstrosities. Water and spiraling dark green flora in and amongst Gothic, French architecture- lower to the ground, but plenty of fountains and courtyards.


You are all wonderful people and I thank you all for everything that has been recommended. I enjoy being a part of this community, you strange mother fuckers.


If anyone has any recommendations for well-written/interesting books that are rather bleak in tone, please letchya boi know. I may not read them, but it's always nice to go down rabbit holes.


Shoutout to that guy that tried to argue with me about Doom's release date. I think he was a pickle person or summat


...but we all know that "Here Come The Warm Jets" is the GOAT ;] I *love* music hot takes. Nier: Automata was dope


You guys are the least toxic and best video game community that I have ever seen. Y'all some fucking nerds, tho


Taken as companion pieces, I think Iggy Pop's "The Idiot" and David Bowie's "Low" are my favorite "piece of art." Just super different enough while still being familiar. Don't really care for Iggy's version of China Girl, tho


I'm not turning lame or anything, but I had to face myself and remind myself that I enjoy playing video games more than I enjoy getting fucked up. It seems like a small thing, but it is very empowering.


I'm sick, so I wanted comfort gaming... BotW has clicked MUCH more for me, but I do have some major issues still. And for the love of the goddesses, give us an old skool file select screen. And NO VOICE ACTING.


Bulma is not a loud ass, boisterous bitch (just sometimes- insert woman joke). She is a quasi level-headed genius that is put in the MOST ridiculous situations and gets fed up. She can literally do everything but fight. I'd wife that shit in a heartbeat


Game was waaaayyy too fucking close yesterday (what was up with the run schemes?!) but let's go Saints. WHO DAT. NFC south to the super bowl for the third year in a row, let's go. Pels, please make the playoffs


That little weird, dissonant sweep/crescendo/transition/addition to the music in N:A's city ruins is absolutely incredible. Chills every time


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