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While I was in between the real world and the dream world, I backhand slapped a lady ghost on the tushy. She said, "don't get too comfortable," and gently pressed her foot against my face


Happy Birthday to Soul. RIP to DOOM. And here's to a better year. Love y'all, gang.


I had a dream last night with a girl who looked like a Bloodborne-ified Japanese femme fatale. She sliced my face open, and out gurgled blood, black bile, organs, and cosmik debris. She then magick'd my face up and we shared a tender moment. I'm in love.


A belated Merry Christmas, and a very happy 91st birthday to my Maw Maw, Iantha Marie. Glad I have been able to spend both with her, albeit in a safe and distant manner.


Ok, this hasn't been working but I wanted to share this, so I'll put it in the comments. What I found on my save file last night. It's cursed in the most perfect of ways, soooo... #Blursedmas


My whole life, the question has been Link or Mega Man? Is the answer Zero?


I hate most music and rhythmic montages that accompany game trailers. I can't properly put it into words without going off the rails, but y'all know what I'm talking about.


I'm down for Daredevil to show up, but I kinda hope all this over-casting is just for some glimpse into other universes and not really central to the plot. Not that it matters; I'm sure I'll get some good dumb movie fun anyway.


If you dig chill beats and good rap, Freddie Gibbs' album "Alfredo" (produced by The Alchemist) is... *chef's kiss* Cuz it's alfredo. BAM.


Happy Stanksgiving and a merry birthday to that guy who I'm sure is thankful for today.


Well, ya boi tested positive. Forced my fevers out a few days ago, having figured this would be the case. I blame the lack of mask mandate and fucking KARAOKE NIGHT at work. No taste or smell blows, but I feel fine outside of that. Time to veg and isolate


Ya boi gots himself a kitchen gig again. Sous chef at some hip little bar. Gotta behave, stay right, make some money, and go forward with my dreams. Good mornin' fam.


I forgot just how much gross shit and horror was a positive influence on my mental health. Getting back into these things has made a major difference in my general outlook.


Finally setting the tone for Halloween after a... less than ideal couple of weeks. Currently tearing thru Ash VS Evil Dead


RIP White Jesus (cuz he was a carpenter, too)


I farted in the middle of the middle of the night and it sounded like a Yoshi. Happy fuckin birthday, Mike. Love ya, fam.


Say love more and mean it. Hate is a bad word. Fuck that shit.


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