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My good friend/roommate just so happens to have Siege downloaded on his Xbox in the living room. "It's aight," he says, and doesn't elaborate.


I implore everyone to listen to Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli's joint recordings. They are quite possibly the most conversational musicians to have ever played together. It's like Heston and Soulbow if they had talent


Does this remind y'all of anything? Or is this just a bit of a blooper on my part?


I had a dream where I went on a date with a total knock out, but she was a little ummm mentally handicapped. Also, Donkey Kong factories and coconut crystals. Launchpad McQuack fought Neo in an overgrown courtyard and younger Beyoncé and I held hands


There's this guy that I work with that is super into DreamWorks movies and it is soooooo goddamn funny. He asked me if I've seen Shrek 4, quoted Shark Tale the other day, and said, "you remember that part in Cat in the Hat..." after hearing "Easy"


Thank god I'm moving back out in 2 weeks. Apparently, I tried to piss in my living room last night


*bump* go listen to my terrible crap (link in comments)


I wish there was a "picked up handgun bullets" moment after the Eddie fight in SH2


Great funeral and there was a parade happening outside and we could hear it the whole damn time. It was awesome. Learned some fun facts. I'll carry on the name with pride, Holly. Also, sorry for the vyvanse-fueled onslaught as of late. Love u guys!


Today is Holly's (Hollinger [Paw Paw Morton]) funeral... Imma continue in the comments if you wanna little peek at p1ss' immediate heritage


Did this a while back. Some in a studio where I played everything but live drums (that was the engineer), and some straight to my macbook. I can do better, but I need to make *MY* studio first. Link in comments


When the videos for youtubing Kid Buu are some soundcloud rapper, it hurts. I see you. I don't hate you. But you are not special. Just "trendy." I NAKEDLY JUMPED ON CARS IN A PARKING LOT. And i was naked in the hospital. I'm Kid Buu #endrant (sad rant)


To whomever randomly mentioned Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni somwhat recently... Thank you. It ain't perfect, but neither am I.


Happy Birthday to all birthdays recent, current, and forthcoming. You guys all rock and are the best people I've never met. Except you. You suck.


Sports announcers and their not-so-subtle homoeroticism is always very amusing. Go Saints!


Very shitty weather, SH2, some drinks, good family vibes, and the ghost of my androgynous beginnings (Paw Paw Holly (short for Hollinger) left this world on October 31st. The universe and I are starting to fuck with each other a little more nicely now


TRACY PEW RIP (also, my grandfather, Holly) we did fam Halloween for the first time in years HONEY HONEY HONEY HONEY HONEY HONEY COME ON AND KISS ME (yea I know it's a geet box instead of a bass. Get over it)


The scariest part of SH2 (so far) is that, sans hip tattoo, Maria is my ex


Spooky Scary Skeletons played at work today


For the drinkers out there... What's the most refreshing alcoholic beverage that comes to mind?


Silent Hill 2, despite some jank (even after changing the control settings), is making me write again. Takes some jank to know some jank. Also, fuck u PSNOW for not having some version of the 1st one that I also never played. Or FucKonami. Or fuck m


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