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Random thoughts: Despite Pokémon being very much a mid/late-90s anime, it still had its own unique style. In terms of influence on the artform, I think it's kind of slept on or at least mildly forgotten.


Is Brand New Cherry Flavor "Halloween" enough? It takes a lot for me to pull the trigger on live-action shows.


I had a dream where Beyoncé allowed me to inhale deeply from her arm pit. We then briskly walked together, our conversational intensity ramping up in tandem with the pace of our footsteps.


Happy Birthday to a wonderful, beautiful, disgusting man. Mike, you're... something to us all, and make this place a wonderful haven for all of us nerdy fucks. Thank you for everything and I hope you have a wonderful day XOXO


If anyone's interested, check out Cathode TV. They frequently do streams of all kinds of oddities in film and such, usually with a theme. Tonight's some of them there animes you all seem to be into.


Squid Ink pasta in honor of GM, the twin, and my brother's birthday.


Vyse confirmed as last Smash character with Skies HD remake on Switch. Sorry it's another sword user.


Think I'll finally pull the trigger on getting a Switch to get Kirby at release. That game screams spring and joy.


Happy Birthday to that Wascally Wavenclaw


Why has it taken me this long to discover Sparks' "Kimono My House"? Idk, but better late than never.


The Suicide Squad was a damn good time. Also, I <3 Ratcatcher 2.


Nick’s controlling tendencies came to the surface, and he began to yell at dear Sasha, lover of jellyfish. Sasha calmly approached Nick with a knife, which we have no idea how long this lover of Cnidarian was carryin’.


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