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Stache season is over. Douchey lines are back.


Raichu rocks. Bad stats, doesn't get enough love, but it is an excellent "tough cute" design.


Maaaaannnnnnn, I hate the PG, knockoff rap of SV6. I can work with the "urban" setting, but the music is devoid of life. It's sterile funk, which is the worst way to funk. Game sure looks purdy, though, and I'm sure it's a blast to play.


Additional information to my sandwich story... it wasn't how attractive the lady was, it was that she was in a backless crop top and super toned and I'm wolfing down a spinach dip chicken sandwich and every time I look up to breathe, she's in my eyeline


I'm out at a restaurant with my family and there is a group of people slightly younger than me chilling in the room next to us but they are incredibly close. There is one girl in the group that is so hot that I feel like a slob while I eat my sandwich.


Say what you will about the game... this track is amazing


I wish I looked like a Yoshitaka Amano painting.


I have recently discovered the madness/genius of Harry Partch. I am enlightened.


After all these years, I still think Santigold's "Disparate Youth" is one of the best songs ever made.


Which studios have your favorite art direction and why?


1.) Motherfuckin' Bayo 2 is still pretty expensive. If anyone ever sees it on sale somehow, holla. 2.) Franken Fran is a cute/gross lil manga that some people here might enjoy checking out.


Being in game-dev class is just an excuse to shit on GoW 2018.


I can't overstate how happy I am that my brain connects Bill Bruford era King Crimson and Chainsaw Man.


Just played the dancing bit at the Honey Bee in FF7R. I'd love to see a game (shit, any media) do a gay thing that isn't just *CLUB TIME*. I want some Warhol/Velvet Underground type shit.


I had a dream that had an "Eyewitness Books" hardcover called FISTING, which was about fisting.


I don't know how I stumbled into this, and I'm not one to call things "guilty pleasures," but "A Certain Scientific Railgun" has absolutely filled that role for me.


Seeing the news on the Killer Klowns game (although I'm really not with that genre) made me want to share this mainstay of my pedalboard.


Decided to jump back into Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory on a whim. The Digivolution mechanic is pretty damn addictive and most of the music is really good, imo. It'd be kool if the world was a little more explorable, but whatever.


Since no one asked, I've always found sleep paralysis and the lead up/post-game to be far more akin to P.T. or Visage than any of the stereotypical memes and such. There's occasionally a creature in the corner, but it tends to be far more terrifying.


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