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I didn’t have to work today, so this cutie and I got to spend the day together. We made French toast for breakfast. It has been a great day! I hope you guys have a great weekend!!


I’m really looking forward to Hyrule Warriors, but we still have 3 weeks. I have been trying to beat through Pokémon to play Crown Tundra but I am just burnt out. So I picked up some books to keep me busy for the next couple of weeks.


I’m digging this demo for hyrule warriors!!!!!!


30 weeks down, 10 to go! We are in the home stretch. I know everyone is excited about the PS5 in a few weeks, but I am ready to get this baby here!


I don't know why, but I am in a wonderful mood. I hope you are all doing well. Sending lots of virtual hugs and love all around!


Soo crown tundra doesn’t scale to your level. I got rid of my switch lite and am just sharing with Juice on his regular switch. So now I have to start Pokémon completely over. I can’t even enjoy the DLC until I beat the game. Kinda mad tbh.


I have the DLC for Sword and shield. I played the armor of isle, it was meh. So I’m on the fence with playing Crown Tundra. So should I play it or nah??


Spending the day with this cutie. Daycare canceled on us, plus I have a doctors appointment for baby brother. So it’s a girls day. What are you guys up to on this cloudy, cold morning?


It’s Caturday!!!! Also I love you all 🥰


Stay positive, stay positive, stay positive. This is how is works right? God I feel so disrespected at my job.


Occams wanted to ask me some questions about what it is like to be pregnant, sooo why not just do an AMA!!!!!! *random picture just because*


12 weeks left.


I am not having a good day. If you could send some funny things my way it would be much appreciated.


I am so confused 😬


No matter how many times I try to play through Pokémon Y, I can’t ever seem to beat it. I just find it incredibly boring. It’s not a bad game, but it just doesn’t keep me engaged at all. I have put 15 hours in and feel no motivation to finish it.


Drinking my tea from a mug to make myself feel like i am drinking alcohol like Juice. He has a four loko.


We got em. Got em good. 😏


It’s finally Friday! I hope you guys have an amazing weekend doing all the things you love. I hope I can catch up on some sleep and maybe read a little bit. What are you looking forward to this weekend? *picture unrelated*


Happy Anniversary to my other half ❤️ Love you so much!


Haven’t gotten my test results back. Still feel like crap, but I hate missing all this work. Just another update: got a negative result. Thank goodness. Must have had a bad cold.


Welp just got a strep test and a covid test. I feel like shit. Hopefully it is just strep.


We are watching The cat in the hat. It is rated PG. it originally came out in 2003. If it had been made today it would not have this type of humor or have a PG rating. Some of these jokes are pretty crazy.


How is everyone doing this fine Friday?? I feel like this is the week of bad karma for me, but I am trying to stay positive. The kids at school need a positive adult in their lives and I am trying to be that for them. I love you guys!


How is your day going?? I hope it is better than mine right now.


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A complete and total reading nerd. I love most video games. I am not a big fan of first person shooters though. Just started getting into Anime. Madoka Magica has probably been my favorite I have watched thus far. I am starting to get obsessed.

Juice and I are married now :3 Still blogging and gaming. Just remember I have the best butts to share.

I was finally given a card and I absolutely love it. As you will learn with me I am very lewd and love all things lewd. So this card suites me well.

So that is me, catgirl, magic using, music loving girl.

Just beat Pokemon Ultra Sun, I adored it. Started playing Horizon Zero Dawn again, and I will probably get the DLC for it once I beat the game.

Also for those who are interested I have been reading a lot more lately. I am currently looking into getting a Kindle Paperwhite, to satisfy my reading needs.

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