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Here lies Racist Idiot. He never scored (or won a war).


The only good thing to come out of Red Alert 3 is the dinghy-riding Soviet Engineer.


Some of the monster designs in this intrigue me!


The Lion King trailer is wonderful because they spend all that time and money to make it look like those shitty old movies where an actual animal actor barely moves its mouth and they dub voice over it. Amazing.




Hideo Kojima's crush on Mads Mikkelsen is a lot easier to understand than Japan's fascination with Cheburashka.


Plastic Sisters of Battle!


Homer Simpson should be credited for first bringing up the idea of Spider Pig.


One hand, I wish I liked 8e edition 40K, but for every thing it did right, it also made something worse. On the other hand, more money to spend on good games.


Stranger Things season 4 opening revealed:


Barefoot should be extremely illegal


SA goons tackle the topic of Ohio.


And the water thing is hot on the heels of this troll event. Wonderful!


video games


Fact checking at The Washington Post is the most amazing position.


TFW you wake up and you're not a Space Marine


Well, I can understand it looking like shit (ancient console game), but VA is terrible as well for some reason.


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