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Just some cats, courtesy of a weather report on a Lithuanian news site.


Ass-pect warrior, am I right?


Well, actually


Oh man, the NPC race is here!


"Let's set the Sonic movie on Earth... and make a lot of embarrassing posters!"


Chill with some art restoration


Rock out!


I'm play a half-Polish Rogue/Job Stealer.


Still dunno why this random lady in Destiny 2 has purity seals.


Press X to carry out Armenian genocide


Cyberpunk Hill


Great at rolling dice, bad at moving miniatures.


Lunis the Kitten put all the points into Agility to perform strange gymnastics in order to drink water from the tap.


You: A bloo bloo, please do debate, mum says you need to decorum A French Person: So I made a guillotine with the President's name on it...


With porn being removed from Tumblr, where will I get my gifs with a black-and-white filter applied to make them look classy?


Blackstone Fortress, ya'll


With a tagline of "forget real estate, you can't afford it anyway," Monopoly for Millenials is actually the worst version of it. It's based entirely on what your boomer aunt believes about you.


If you're not careful, you might get the inexplicably popular terrible board game adaptation of an inexplicably popular terrible wargame!


Haha, those North Koreans are whacky with their blind leader worship.


Oh Mechanicus


Pierce Morgan, one of the saddest sacks of farts in the culture war


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