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Mi-8 is mai waifu. Well, one of mai waifu.


Cadorna would get it!


Phoenix Command is the only grognardy military simulator RPG where your damage scores can go into JRPG territory.


I should apply for this mag; I'm adept at yelling at clouds, used to impotent rage, and I loathe my age cohort.


I printed out a T-55 two years ago. They say it's better now.


When defending a brook/river crossing, allow the enemy to bottleneck his troops at the crossing and slaughter them there, INSTEAD OF TRYING TO RUSH THE BOTTLENECK YOURSELF. Close Combat III AI, what the fuck.


Death Korps of Krieg is still the best Imperial Guard regiment.


STUG KILLS! Well, when you use it right, and not yet a good Close Combat 3 player by any measure.


War is hell and looting!


Demons, I tell ya.


How do they keep finding these people.


Miniatures, I tell ya.


This just keeps on giving.


Got the Orc Crossbow (it's a melee weapon, it's a ranged weapon, it kills Fatties!) on turn two, died on turn 3, had an hour or two of fun not playing Zombiecide: Black Plague. That game is some great shit!


Ain't it grand that you gave racist grandpa the ability to test out his tweets in real life?


Well, that's a tiny slip up.


Super angry that ISOTX is defunct and MidEast Crisis will never be a real b- er, game.


Romans were this close to inventing Dungeons and Dragons.


Heroically losing a Necromunda demo.


Here's my gf receiving advice on how to defeat me in our Malifaux demo.


Tech bros invent app for wheel


Being a stormtrooper in WWI was one hell of job, but what wasn't?


I made a thing!


Laughed way too much at this!


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