DeS: Smash Bros fan sends bomb threats to Nintendo NYC
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The pureed hamburgers must flow!


Can't say anything good about the future of your 'stache, either.


Pretty sure nobody ever went "gee, if only this content was more personalized." The sole exception is Games Workshop site, which is pathologically unable to detect your region and sometimes scares people with Australian prices.


With this dog as an advisor, I could run for president, and I'm a Lithuanian shitposter in Lithuania.


Wonder what the timecube guy would say about this.


Give me a shovel, one duckboard and point me at Vraks!




Your panzer division cannot compete.


War is heck.


Man, this is one of those old timey "please don't cuck me horribly" songs.


Played some Necromunda yesterday! *bloop,* *bloop* goes grenade launcher!


Get some of them beats in you.


I suddenly feel the urge to have a matchbox around.


When you want to finish laying the track so hard you ignore the laws of gravity.


There has been some progress in the mining industry, yes.


You know what's deadlier than WW1 trench warfare? WW1 mobile warfare!


Big D racing league.


MTV's Room Raiders visit the crib of Joe the Masturbator.


Make more dirigible macros!


Give a racket to a new person, get to hear their sad story, lose any immersion as the every last one of them sends you off with a "hey, there are still some hostiles around here, be sure to shoot them."


A strange place for a commie poster, but they do say that blue collar worker agree with the socialist message easier.


My blog has 37 new comments? And all of them are spam? Cool, I guess.


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