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Guess the metaphor!


Having fun with Halcyon 6 Lightspeed Edition. The best thing about the flashy attacks is when you get almost no damage for the lightshow.


Gotta catch 'em all! WARPACmon!


Postin' a classic!


Mayo is the condiment of the Devil!


One of my favorite SomethingAwful frontpage pieces.


I probably installed and deleted Warthunder three times in as many weeks.


You can now pay monthly installments to buy Forgeworld miniatures and I can't wait for someone to get their shit repossessed for failed toy soldier payments.


Time wated having fun is not wasted... unless you spent it building army lists for every Horus Heresy Legion, then it totally is! ...should I turn this into a big post?


So who won the 'toid internship, anyways?


Wish this happened more often.


Star Wars!


This could be us, but GW hated Specialist Games...


Aw shit, only just came up with a legit unpopular opinion: Bane's voice and his character design are not only cool and good, but also the best if not the only decent part of the last Batman movie.


Unpopular opinion: basically everything I post.


I think it's a fair point.


Witness the glory of the Emperor THROUGH MEEE! Played Conan boardgame last Friday, was a mage, toasted a bunch of Picts and hayenas with single lightning storm.


PAMELA, being set in future utopia (sorta), doesn't feature real firearms, and the weapons are both awkward to use and (fluff-ily) not that powerful. Still, you get some nice visuals.


Today I found out what an auger/augur is. It's pic related. In Deathwatch RPG, a Space Marine can get a Breaching Augur, which can be used as a weapon. It's not easy to hit things with it, but once you hit...


PAMELA is kind of a good survivalcraft game, in no small part because you melt sofas with future nanotech instead of punching trees. It also has a plot!


There was an imgur post on Johnny Bravo. I hated the show as I child and I think I'd appreciate it more as an adult. I think this is very much explained by the joke "Hear me out, Bob, a show for kids about a horny guy trying to get laid."


Cat Friday, post cattes.


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