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Oriental Empires: Total Warcrimes


Am starting to suspect there might be some animu in this game.


Anyone got some games from the Fanatical mystery box they want to trade? Here's stuff I don't need.


SHINY AND uh SILVER since chromium use hasn't been invented yet


How Wehraboo are you?


Nothing says "cyberpunk" like having the blandest looking motherfucker on the cover. What is with studios and white male protags you couldn't pick out in a lineup?


Still some life in it


A cat is fine too


nvm, meme still good


Most exciting game at E3?


The meme that burns the brightest burns the fastest.


Grandma Beyblade is going places


Strait pride ocean-wide


They're gonna take him to turbo hell once they see his list.


Humble At-Least-Got-Duskers Monthly Bundle.


I friggin' love the fact that, for whatever reason, 'Stand Still. Stay Silent' has the Scandivians armed with AK-47s instead of some more logical, if boring, weapons.


Happy D-Day, the biggest, most organized effort to bash the fash day ever!


YouTube being asked to remove racists and homophobes, and then proceeding to walk into every rake out there, is just beautiful to watch.


Wizards and Mages Against Flat Eartherism and Regular Mercator Projections


For Pride month, AAA studios vow to only fire straight developers that worked on successful titles.


It took a tragic nuclear disaster-inspired hit TV series to make me like the "spicy keychain" meme.


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