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Test your geography skills!


The hard life of a gamergater


100 hour work week should make you think about the other kinds of "red," "dead," and "redemption."


Dudes would be perfect if not for those dinky AK barrels.


Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my empty vodka bottle!


Gritty is a comrade.


This video has everything.


who even needs Brexit when shit is this grim


"i like how the one dude is having a spiritual experience with these whales and someone in the background is literally calling the police"


Good times, good times.


Only a fool buys a Total War game on launch, before the bugs are ironed out and before the modders unfuck the game.


Doesn't do any favors for her dancing skills, either.


Friend discovered a new pokemon.


A dude is posting excerpts from book of short interviews about Canadian experiences in WWII and it's pure gold.


That one time when I was part of the 1%


Though some people say that the raise doesn't cover contractors, which are prominently featured in "Amazon is slavery" articles. Capitalists gonna capitalist, lol.


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