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Never had more than 10 systems colonized and my population was seven times smaller than those of the leads. But look at the orange line being my military strength. Truly none can stop the crusade of the righteous!


(In)Famous grog game Campaign for North Africa (playing time: 60000 minutes) appears on Big Bang Theory, because that show has nothing sacred.


Who let in the airsoft dude in?


Say hello to my little cheeky-breeky friends!


New York Daily News is sick of your shit.


"Maybe we shouldn't attack the world ship that blots out the sky"


Small scales, big games!


Dumbest woman on Earth keeps getting employed.


True, true.


Marvel at the Awuu Pattern Bolt Pistol! It has ergonomic Underslung Iron Sights Grip, RED DOT LASER cunningly disguised as an over-the-barrel bayonet lug and face-facing ejection port so that the Gray Slayer could track the ammo expenditure!


When a dude is modeling a cow herd in a grog game.


Space Marines vs. Sigmarines?


The biggest motivator on Duolingo is the desire to see the rings fill up.


Once Freeman: Guerilla Warfare is released, I hope someone develops a mod to dress bandits in tracksuits and caps, as well as adding STALKER bandit voice clips (AAA NUU CHEEEKEEE BREEKEEE)


I'd take "orbital reinsertion via tank" as an option


Back dimples on an F-22!


Images back on? Hold your butts, I have some SA plane shit screens you probably won't understand. Here's an excerpt from a bid discussing how ugly F-35 looks.


Apparently Bill Gates is now randomly giving out money to strangers and has a hotmail account.


Is he bragging about his kill count?


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