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"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but they're reenactors. They're just going to tussle a little bit and then sit down and drink"


Just Warframe things


Rebirth is at the heart of the Promethian creed - and so it is in Christianity! Happy Easter!


Shit, it got better! Also, is it me, or does the mustache makes Ethan's face seem more expressive and emotional?


Get some amazing music in ya!






Close enough, I'd say.


What's the current conversion rate for Euro to Throne Gelt?


And that's why the robots hate us all


All day every day




Orktober vs. Year of Chaos


A guide to very confused Christians:


It only gets good at around 0:21 bit, but it's an amazing track for Warframe K-drive races!


Awful App has the best patch notes


The VIP card back in Horus Heresy: Legions is p. dope.


I hope more of her stuff will be like this or "bad guy"


One man's impotent and misplaced nerd rage is the internet's treasure.


Good thing gamers have already been desensitized to shooting Pinkertons by RDR2 and Call of Juarez!


When someone asks me what criticism I have of 40K:


Anyone has a spare Destiny 2 key they're not using? Asking for a friend (who might be willing to kick a buck or two your way)


Event Horizon Telescope finally has pictures of your mom naked


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