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Having made the harrowing journey to meet the Hermit of the Brown Paper Cave, you may ask a single question. The answer is likely to be "meow," but you should still try.


Lancasters are beautiful, yo.


StuG lyfe selfie!


Eurofighter Typhoon, girlfriend for scale.


I won this mission in Stronghold 2 Siege Edition by kiting swordsmen in circles around the archer tower long enough for the arrows to whittle them down.


I'm entirely too proud for being able to tell that some of these AKs are Chinese clones, and that at least one has a milled (rather than stamped) receiver.




Free French M4A2 Shermans! Honestly, telling Shermans apart is still hard for me.


Wroom wroom


Fun Fact: GTA: San Andreas was fully developed by Lithuanians.


Remember how I got banned/blocked for promoting "Buy Me Necrosphynx" GoFundMe? Good times. Now I want to set up a "Buy Me 1987 first edition Fire Team" because I'm full of good ideas like that.


If that was Maggie Thatcher, you'd have some coal miners dying off the shot.


There I go posting military shit I saved off 4chan to post on the internet.


Playing Stronghold 2 Steam Edition and, well... at least the random animals still have names, I guess.


This remix somehow manages to improve on the near damn perfect theme for Assault on Precicnt 13


>tfw when you're listening in on a bugged apartment in East Berlin and the dissidents are having wild, passionate sex.


"I had 99 problems, and a bear was all of them"


Dua Lipa looks so good in the New Rules video. Welp, that's that for my quarterly music post, unless I discover a military balad or a song about NSA scanning balls or something.


"Potatoes are for sits, yes?"


Mazdamundi: not a fan of centrism.


Zubr-class is the world's largest air-cushioned military transport and it deserves to be a hub in an RPG.


Even if it has those ugly T-64-like roadwheels, the MT-LBu is a cutie.


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