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One game where I shoot aliens armed with Babby's First SCAR, please.


Cardio sucks a lot less when you're running for your life.


Literally every "we're making a new Counter Strike" developer: SHIPPING CONTAINER LEVEL IS A MUST. ORIGINALITY IS A SIN.


Waaay too happy about towed guns being a thing in Steel Division... and being shown towed, too!


Our Bloodbowl commissar will chase you down and bring your opponent (me, in this case) even to the middle of a forest.


'To meow or not to meow - that is a stupid question lol 24/7 smoke meows erryday meow lyfe 4 lyfe' - my cat


Where there's a whip, there's an aaaapp...


Ever wanted to know what being on the incoming end of an artillery strike sounds like?


It was basically the rule with every WWII tank. On average, you lose a dude, and drivers and RTOs have it the worst. Now, if you have a tank like Sheridan, that all crews praise, it might mean that nobody survives when it gets hit... like with Sheridan.


Destroyer USS Fitzgerald lost a run-in with a Japanese container ship. Still better than that Russian intelligence ship that didn't survive hitting a cattle freighter.


"Multiocular O (ꙮ) is a rare glyph variant of the Cyrillic letter O. This glyph variant can be found in certain manuscripts in the phrase «серафими многоꙮчитїи» ("many-eyed seraphim"). <...> Unicode as character U+A66E." - Wikipedi


Played two matches of Hinterlands, the unofficial AoS Skirmish. Absolute best boy warlord Pitcairn the Retributor never failed to roll a 6 for those delicious mortal wounds.


A nation that producers a juicer with proprietary juice packs that can be squeezed out by hand.


"This new tank thing... would you agree that it would be quite radical to crush a motorvehicle with it?" "Why, old chap? For some fun raising for the lads the at the front?" "Yes, fundraising, sure. Let's do that"


My "punch the fash" post lives in the nebulous realm of post recommendations. Dunno why you would comment on it when nobody can see it. I'd much prefer some actual "your post was hidden lol" message, but that feature is as far away as a qpost app.


Ever wanted to shoot an American Civil War cannon at an Armored Personnel Carrier?


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