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When you're flying high and you're high as a kite.


Too... too lewd.


Not many non-anime succubi in /tg/'s "how do succubi determine hierarchy" thread.


Watching MWG play Horus Heresy makes me wish that Forgeworld released an official skirmish supplement akin to Heralds of Ruin kill team. I want my sergeants to be heroes, not just a source of 2+ save for Marine squads.


"The Battles of Isonzo are a satire of WW1, in WW1" - a goon commenting on the fact that there were 14 of them.


Man, I hope Raiders of the Broken Planet gets re-launched like many of those games that fizzle out soon does with the fixes and whatnot. The studio making an another game with the same art style would be nice, too.


Man, Raiders of the Broken Planet devs were one of those I interviewed at GamesCom. It's a pity the game didn't go well :/


All I want for Christmas is MEOOOW!


Cat: *vet shaves paw, takes blood* No reaction *vet gives a medicine shot between shoulder blades* No reaction *vet gives a shot to the haunch/butt* EXCUSE ME, MISSIS!


One in three players found it unnecessary to look at the map in the game.


Some free things aren't worth even that.


Thank you for the answers of 'toids from sub 500K cities! I live in the capital of Lithuania and it maxes out at 500K, which seems to hoover all the good life stuff. Wondered how it was in the US living the shadow of multi-million pop metropolises.


Strange question: how is life like in a 500k or so population city in the US?


Some of these guys aged like fine wine! EDIT: Now with the correct video


New Hams game is announced, looks somehow worse than Eternal Crusade.


This is your brain on 3rd Reich: putting 6 engines on a glider to make a transport plane, incidentally making the largest plane of the war.


Ah, the first and last medal of this kind that I'll ever see!


OK, so someone tell me how the qpost/blog upvote system works. You can vote as much as you want, the post will show who voted and how many times... but why does it sometimes show me as a voter on me own posts, and does it show those who voted only once?


Getting five guys with an artillery strike is most definitely spawn camping, but still super satisfying. Always play officer!


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