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Heck, I already want to sign up.


I don't actually spend a lot of time on politics, it's just that sometimes I get to play less-than-exciting games.


The right will always stand shoulder to shoulder when fighting for some culture war bullshit, but the left will fracture immediately over inane "holier than thou" bullshit. Elizabeth Bruening was the best person on Twitter; we're all poorer without her.


Brexit just keeps on giving!


So the Austin bomber was a straight, white, Christian male...


The end of days is upon us!


My dudes look amazing with these Versatile Terrain name plates. I'm talking them up so much, I wish VT was paying me.


Fun things are happening!


The Greeks know how to spruce up a plane!


Learn new things every day!


I am the prettiest Angel of Death


Cry me a river, you piece of shit.


Cat is about to seize the means of scritch production!


Van Saar, baby!


Internet has determined the size of Luigi's flaccid penis. Putting that science education to work, I guess.


How hype I am for this? Super hype!


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