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101 Ways To Use An AK.


Damn, those dudes are sassy.


This is your life now.


If you can count an Austrian officer as a "friend"


"The Assumption of a Tourist" Unknown Artist, shoe on marble, Vatican Museums, 2018


Once you internalize that gun lobby doesn't care how high the stack of dead children becomes, you start investing in technology that can never stop the local incel from shooting the hot classmate. I bet it's a grift at this point.


Holy shit, this is the best thing that's happening in 2e Age of Sigmar and something that should strike 8e 40K right away.


How a bomb falling out of a B-17 feels


Turkish Helicopters DEMOLISH Patch Of Dirt With Kurdish Sympathies, FAIL To Hit Journalists Unlike Glorious Russian Air Murder Bird.


That one time the king visited the trenches...


Drop that guy out of a plane sans parachute.


Lachlan Markay now knows what a skeleton feels when a priest casts "Turn Undead"




I like that flails remain animated even on idle in Pillars of Eternity I. Also, the cat is always animated.


"Singing wall bass" is one of the most stupid, wasteful things we produce... but here it used for something good.


Cast Fassbender as Sherman, do the premiere in Atlanta!


That's a lot of dead Angle-ishmen!


Them accusing Iran of lying about nukes is also super rich.


Ah, to have such peace of mind...


Insane perverts sure have the willingness to write a lot of stuff.


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