DeS: Smash Bros fan sends bomb threats to Nintendo NYC
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What weren't they smoking back then


[]“He’s mad at something on the internet about leftist pedophiles,” she said. “And he thinks we’re leftists and he’s calling us pedophiles.”[/url


Why play tanks in tank battles if you can go AAA to ruin people's kill streaks and STILL COME IN THE FIRST IN THE TEAM AND GET BEST SQUAD. Bonus points for getting into a plane yourself to knock out enemy bombers.


Half of the Tau team goes down or out of action, one dude is actually dead, but they stay. My dudes get their first bottle tests because two guys got shot and a sniper sprained his leg from a jump, and they ran away. My dice rolls, everyone!


On the other hand, as any good leftist, I have my own slightly different platform that I'm ready to schism over.


A platform I can get behind!


You can't win them all, eh?


Happy my-birth-year-in-posts to me!


What is it with shitty games advertising on Instagram and using Cossacks! footage. Love that zero-budget begging banner, too.


Straight into the soft bits!


A plane even a mother wouldn't love. And yes, I'm reinstalling Warthunder to defeat the specter of Actually Doing Something Useful.


Know your swords!


Reading comprehension isn't an alt-right virtue.


Look at me, a sexy go-kart man.


In Banner Saga 3, we continue the story of Rook, the baddest man alive! Skipping his level ups (based on kills) is a tradition that carries over between games.


That last panel!


Good things await!


Darn Mechanicus!


Давай, блядь!


Not triggered at all.


Notifying the office that it is, indeed, my birthday!


Stalker frog?


Found a shoal of near-dead aliens chilling in the middle of the ocean. They were probably running away from my destroyer. They weren't fast enough.


Behold, the fruit of my heretekal science: Space Marines with Lasguns! The question is, why?


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