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Apocalypse preppers know what they'll be doing after the world falls


lol Brexit


NOOT NOOT the rich!


Meolotov-Ribenpurr Pact


This is how I spend my Saturday evening. Hey, you wanted me to post more gaming stuff!


At this point, the Torries are stalling with holes that Heat-Death of the Universe will make Brexit a moot issue.


Here's my Armored Brigade review!. I think the impulse system is a good way to save RTS games from the bane of clicks-per-second micro.


If only they hadn't flogged the team half to death to get there...


This is amazing.


When GPU manufacturers become sick of your bitcoin bullshit.


And then there's this!


Now that's a rifle association I'd join in a heartbeat!


Was reminded of this gem recently.


Off to Infinity tournament today. Pic unrelated.


Did... did The Guardian sneak in a goatse reference/edit?


That last line is magical.


Is yo game cool enough to simulate a jeep roll on even after the crew has died?


Boogie somehow manages to fall on the wrong side of every debate these days. That's how got to know of him, tbh.


Guy gets suspended for making "beating up feminist in RDR2." Gets his account back. Immediately posts this video.


The Forge World duck had to be treated with industrial degreasing agent to clean off the mold release fluid.


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