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Been practicing my soldering. Think I'm getting pretty good.


Death Stranding


Dont usually like rep my own stuff, but my class is livestreaming out of the Legoland sealife aquarium right now. Check it out.


OSHA classes can be fun when your instructor includes examples of what not to do.


Clean me dust DADDY


Dangerous night when I've got work tomorrow.


Not exactly a white Christmas over here.


Three days before its official launch, the DRM for Hitman 2 has been cracked. Wonder how this'll effect the trend of weekend early access for new games.


Cider is good. Am happy.


Roller-coaster of emotions here


My Coworkers scare me sometimes.


Cleaning out the bookcase in my room yields interesting results


For Occams


Its... it's so beautiful.


One of these things is not like the other...


I think Japan is starting to run out of ideas.


Went to a fan screening of Solo last night, they had Star Wars themed drinks. Mine was called Bantha Blue Milk. It was gross.


So, any of our local fitness dudes have any recommendations for someone who is not currently in shape, but would like to be?


Holy crap the detective pikachu amiibo is huge. 3ds case for scale.


32 amiibo of Lottie on the wall, 32 amiibo of Lottie, take one down, pass it around, 31 amiibo of Lottie on the wall.


I get the feeling that people don't like Supreme Leader Snoke


A picture is worth a thousand words, most of them screaming WHY?


I have strange friends.


Got news?  [email protected]


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Neo Cab"Hop in, Mac, where ya headed?"


Stela"Can't you hear me yell-a?"


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Call of Duty: Mobile"Pwn on phone"


John Wick Hex"Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat"


Indivisible"If the kids are united..."


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Kyle Yadlosky



Hey guys, I hate to post this, but I think Im going to need some finicial More info in the (Morning bump, thanks to everyone who has donated so far)


Honestly, Im really nervous about reviews for some upcoming games like Outer Worlds and Death As a base PS4 owner, I feel like current reviews are set to Pro models (see Control reviews) and base model owners get negative info weeks later :\


The last couple of days have been really bad brain health days for Now Im sick in a cold-like Im still hella depressed but its gone self aware and

Voltaic Owl

Id like a laaaaarge WHAT (Happy Thursday)


Too many photos to post from my museum show, feel free to hop over to Instagram @upinsmokeproductions to see everything

Mike Sounders

Morning nerds


A awesome and indepth article about how fighting games use netcode and why rollback is considered the best

Spooky RiffRaff

Good morning all! Be your best selves today!

Electric Reaper

Downfall Hitler:The free world supposedly fought me to protect freedom and now theyre colluding with communists to censor Hitler being pissed about companies censoring people, this is



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