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Not enough people talk about the Super Mario Land games. I think it's time I changed that EDIT: Bump


My history teacher forced the entire class to write down everything in this image. Is this even legal


Every time you feel inadequate about yorself, just remember there are literally thousands of children telling a man on the internet to kill himself because they think he's a normie who killed their shitty Crash Bandicoot meme


Just a friendly reminder than Newer Super Mario Bros Wii is the greatest fan project of all time


I don't understand the people who look at the forecast, see the high temperature is 31C, and think "Yeah, this is a good day to wear my beanie and jacket"


Was Metroid Fusion really that much harder than the other Metroid games to warrant it's own difficulty mode? I never noticed much of a difference at all


This is probably the best video I've seen when it comes to pinning down exactly why Paper Mario took such a drastic turn after The Thousand-Year Door. I highly recommend giving it a watch


Good news! My new series of videos on YouTube has officially launched, comparing and contrasting different video games to see which one is better. Feel free to watch it if you'd like and tell me what you think, any feedback is appreciated.


Why the fuck are we getting a new Lego movie less than a year after the last one (which wasn't even that good)


I've heard that McDonalds tastes much better in countries outside of the United States, so maybe the new Splatfest makes sense in Japan


Remember when Nintendo let an edgy teenager write the script for one of their Mario games


That one time Super Mario gave me Stockholm Syndrome

[Have you ever felt as though you were held captive by a game? A Luigi Fan has. Join him as he comes to be imprisoned by his one true love - beating overly-difficult games - and experiences the mixed emotions that go along with his self-dia...


My US History teacher has a sticker in her classroom that depicts the Confederate Flag with "Heritage, Not Hate" written on it. This should be a fun year


Why can't girls like this go to my school 😭😭😍


I'm not sure if this is common knowledge or not, but the GBA remake of Donkey Kong Country 3 had a completely redone soundtrack. It's severely underappreciated, every bit as good as the original


I'm genuinely curious why so many people think the N64 Mario Parties are so much better than the GameCube ones. Based off my experiences, the GameCube games are literally just the old games with a different item system and visuals that aren't pure garbage


I don't see how being a slut is considered an insult. "Yeah, fuck you for knowing how to have fun!"


Is today the day where I get to post borderline fetish porn?


People who jack off to siblings fucking each other disgust me. Jack off to step siblings fucking each other like normal people


Here's Mike Myers wearing a fursuit and fighting a mech piloted by Alec Baldwin in a PS2 Klonoa ripoff


I've never understood why people hate video games with linear, hallway-like level design so much. That probably has something to do with my favorite video game literally being a hallway simulator


Hey YouTube, if you want advertisers to come back, maybe you should ban content creators who make and advertise this shit instead of taking money away from game reviewers who showed 2 frames of DOOM in one of their videos


I don't really like it that much as a game, but DAMN does Zelda: Four Swords Adventures have some seriously underappreciated visuals and music.


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