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Remember that one time Sonic the Hedgehog used Malcolm X voice samples for one of their songs


I feel like starting an argument today: big, poofy cereal pieces > small, crunchy cereal pieces. Reese's Puffs and Trix stay yummy the whole way through, nothing kills my appetite faster than a bowl filled with tiny, soggy Frosted Flake pieces


We've all had that one moment in our life where we procrastinate from work by watching that one Spongebob episode where he procrastinates from work


I remember when SomeCallMeJohnny's 52-minute Sonic 06 review was considered long. Good times


I hid that Seasonal Affective Disorder post I made. It failed as a joke, and came off as way more insulting than I meant it to be. My apologies to @Travolta and @Taterchimp in particular if it came across like I was insulting you


"I'm an original Sonic the Hedgehog fan on the YouTubes"


Yet another reason deserts are a mistake: deciding what clothing to wear for the day is fucking impossible


I have yet to see a single complaint for Super Mario Odyssey's ending that doesn't amount to bullshit Nice Guy™ reasoning


I'm only selectively good at writing essays. I have to write a 250-650 word essay for a college application and I'm drawing a complete blank as to what to write. Meanwhile on my laptop is a 7000+ word document detailing why Super Paper Mario is a bad game


A friendly reminder that Spirit Tracks has the best tutorial music of all time




Why are people so fascinated with virgin sex. It's literally just normal sex but redder, messier, and inferior overall. It is the deep dish pizza of intercourse


If you ever feel like reflecting on just how far humanity has advanced, just remember the fucking trash garbage people thought was hilarious at the start of the decade


It's my favorite holiday. You know, the one where millions of adults around the world head back to their garbage childhood Midwest suburb so they can smile and nod at the dinner table while their family talk about the evils of brown people


When you're the WASPiest dude on the planet and need to feel oppressed about something


There is no meaningful difference between anime and cartoons you fucking nerds


Sonic Forces me to post unpopular opinions EDIT: Bump


Not enough people talk about the Super Mario Land games. I think it's time I changed that EDIT: Bump


My history teacher forced the entire class to write down everything in this image. Is this even legal


Every time you feel inadequate about yorself, just remember there are literally thousands of children telling a man on the internet to kill himself because they think he's a normie who killed their shitty Crash Bandicoot meme


Just a friendly reminder than Newer Super Mario Bros Wii is the greatest fan project of all time


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