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If your review is longer than the thing you're reviewing then your opinion doesn't count


Chicago has better deep-dish AND better thin-crust Pizza than New York This concludes my controversial pizza opinion of the week


Let it never be forgotten that the music in Hyrule Warriors is sick


ULTRA MEGA CONTROVERSIAL OPINION: Madagascar 3 was the only good film in the trilogy


Zesty takes: Link's Awakening HD looks awful and is horrendously optimized, the Sonic franchise is overhated, I feel physical pain when people call Minecraft music parodies nostalgic, Pokemon should've scrapped the National Dex a long time ago


Me playing Sonic Inflation Adventure on Newgrounds and discovering that it isn't a game about stopping Eggman from devaluing our currency with poor economic policies


Where's the Penguins of Madagascar when you need them


“Who are you” “Rey” “Rey who” Rey looks to the distance to see Luke and Leia and the gives a little smirk on her face as she opens her mouth and says... “Rey’d Shadow Legends. With over 16 million downloads, Raid shadow legends


Google-translated Paper Mario Political Compass


Just saw The Rise of Skywalker yesterday. Review in the comments


I unironically love the Sonic R soundtrack


The high's gonna be 64 tomorrow. I really wish I lived in a place with real winters


I really need to play the Klonoa games sometime


The Cars universe operates under a premise that is so mind-numbingly, insultingly stupid, that the only way you can make a good Cars film is by writing an equally-dumb plot. Cars 2 was the only film to understand this, making it the best of the trilogy


Made a tier list of all the Zelda games


Much like the 90s kids before them, 2000s kids are now taking over the internet and worshiping (mostly mediocre) TV shows and books. Expect the same thing to happen to Fortnite when the cycle repeats in 5-10 years


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