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They hated Jesus because he told them the truth


Bonus points if their profile picture is an 8-bit, skinnier version of how they look in real life


Fanboy and Chum Chum getting a fandom is proof that nostalgia will redeem literally anything


I'm not saying they fuckin...but they fuckin


Just had The Last of Us 2 spoiled for me. I can't believe Ellie was Palpatine's granddaughter this whole time


People who think the Sonic fandom has the worst OCs are clearly unfamiliar with the Mario fandom


I hate the concept of "guilty pleasures". It implies that I should somehow feel guilty for thinking a widely hated movie like the Cat in the Hat is a masterpiece (which is is, fite me)


What if Nickelodeon is actually run by geniuses


I wrote down in my calendar that my finance final would be on May 4. Turns out it's on May 2 and I missed the deadline


This is why no one takes Sonic fans seriously


Literally every ad I've gotten on YouTube for the past month has been Liberty Mutual Insurance. I am now refusing to purchase their products on principle


It feels good to finanlly be back making videos. My next review is of the New Super Mario Bros serious, in case y'all are interested


ResetEra mods when someone posts an opinion


The Virgin seeing a therapist vs the Chad intervening in someone's suicide attempt and mocking them for being suicidal


This show's fucking stupid. Everyone knows the real ChalkZone would just be like 5 stick figures surrounded by an ocean of crudely drawn penises


You can call me Knuckles unlike Sonic I don’t chuckle


I will buy front-row seats to the Mario movie if the Mario Bros are voiced by Vinny


One time I walked into a bathroom inside a McDonalds inside a Wal-Mart in the DFW metro. Ever since then, I've stopped judging other countries for their unsanitary living conditions


Let it never be understated how fucking insane Mario 64 hackers are


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