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I know everyone says they're moving up north every election year, and I know it's not a utopia, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit jealous of Canadians rn


Not sure what city I want to move to after graduation, but it has to be dense and walkable. Getting bumped into because some idiot is watching Minions on his phone is annoying, I don't need to deal with hundreds of said idiots on a 70mph freeway


I think Dan Avidan put it best when he said Sonic games feel like they were written by a Christian mom trying to act cool.


How the fuck is Mario 64 not 16:9. Even romhackers could pull that off lmao


Video game graphics peaked at Mario Party 4, change my mind


I don't know how people find thunderstorms comforting. Gentle rain, sure, but it's hard to get cozy when my window's flashing 80 times a minute and my Switch can get fried at literally any moment.


Just had a buncha bullshit happen to me, story in comments


"Perhaps humans have regressed over the years."


[Your video will play after this ad] [15 seconds left] [Ad 1 of 2] Why


I'm curious if people who grew up with retro PAL games prefer those versions, and think the NTSC versions are too fast for them. Because I've been watching videos of PAL games running at 50hz and this shit's making me cringe.


I can't listen to this song anymore without bursting into laughter. Thanks Sammy.


Star Wars fans when someone comments "Still better than the Disney trilogy" under an unrelated post


Everybody gangsta till the Loud House profile pics start asking for art commissions


Haunting a Nintendo 64 cartridge to own the libs


I live in a desert 600 miles from the ocean, we've had nothing but sunny 95+ degree days since June, yet I still get fucking swamped by mosquitos when I go for a walk.


Note to self: don't drink tap water at Jerry Garcia's


Whoever localized this game was high as fuck


Game idea: Eroge novel where you play as a beeg Yoshi


Unpopular opinion: I get a positive emotional aura from Wet-Dry World


Anyone with even slight knowledge of the Paper Mario fandom could see this civil war coming from a mile away


...So which type of climate is your favorite? I'm getting sick of living in a borderline desert. I wanna move to the light-blue/dark-blue zone where there's plenty of trees, holiday snow, and summer thunderstorms. Toronto or the Twin Cities seem perfect.


Happy birthday 'Murica. The greatest country on Earth, if only for the fact that we have a giant steel waifu guarding our waters


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