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The best part of quarantine is getting to spend 24/7 in my parent's house with Fox News blasting on two different TV sets whilst my stepdad explains to the dinner table why he's prejudiced against black people


I've got this new TV show idea. It's like Survivor, but instead of having to survive on a stranded island, I send some weeaboos to Japan and see how long they can survive on their NEETbux and Rosetta Stone skills


Hitler and Stalin sign the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (1939)


The SpongeBob episodes made after the second film are honestly pretty legit. Not Seasons 1-3 good, but the animation quality alone puts almost every other animated show to shame


"Super Mario 64 is so overrated, it's not even 4K 60fps smh"


Found one of these spider-scorpion demon hybrids in my house the other day. If you ever needed a reason to avoid the Southwestern U.S., this is it


"Young ladies, young ladies, I like 'em underage, see. Some say that's statutory, but I say it's mandatory!": Kid Rock, performing the soundtrack for a cartoon that made 92% of its profit from 8th grade science teachers who needed something for movie day


Sonic fans care way too much about other people's opinions of their games


Air conditioning is one of mankind's greatest inventions and I have no idea how people lived life without it


Me reading the drama about The Last of Us 2


Incest porn would be a lot more entertaining if Hulk Hogan dubbed over all the dialogue. "PUT A DICK IN ME BROTHERRR"


Say what you will about Sonic fans, but they've never been afraid to speak their minds


Unpopular opinion: Steven Universe musical numbers < Family Guy musical numbers


I saw a guy in the comments section of a Rule 34 post asking if anyone wanted to do an erotic Goku x Isabelle roleplay with him. On one hand this offer seems quite odd, but on the other hand it'd probably still be more fun than Amiibo Festival


With how tense things can get in America, I sometimes think of moving to Europe. Surely places like Ireland or the Netherlands are more tolerant of other cultures than the states. And then I remember "Nah they suck too lmao"


I think I'm gonna buy me a CRT to play my old games on. Emulation just doesn't feel the same, ya know?


If someone brings up an argument online, and you just repeat their argument BuT tYpE iT sTuPiD lIkE tHiS, you automatically win the argument. At least that's what Twitter dot com taught me


They hated Jesus because he told them the truth


Bonus points if their profile picture is an 8-bit, skinnier version of how they look in real life


Fanboy and Chum Chum getting a fandom is proof that nostalgia will redeem literally anything


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