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I too have recently updated my phone wallpaper.


I beat Dragon Quest 2! Finale was a little rough. Malroth liked to spam blistering flames. Overall I liked it though. Can't wait to start 3!


They gave Tifa thigh highs. My gosh they managed to make her even better than before!


New avatar. Also as a vidya update I recently beat the boss I was referring to in the last qpost. And even farther back I got the platinum for DQ11 and finally beat FF12. Will post some more thoughts for them in the comments.


"What did this to you?" "Giant...ape..."


For the 2 others watching Toonami. That sure was something!


Pokemon! Some of these could probably be swapped out still? Still pretty happy with it anyways.


I beat DQ11 last night. Still need to do the post game though. Was also my 4th game for 4inFeb. I'll post the others in the comments. I'm going to marry Jade some day!


Tfw already 60 hours into DQ11 on PS4. But yes, I think I'll be playing it again in 16bit. Still hoping we get 1-3 on Switch too.


Gosh that's weird. It feels so warm outside now. Got the mail and felt like I didn't even need my jacket.


The real cursedmas is Polygon ranking Fallout 76 above Octopath Traveler. Or having it on their list at all, really.


For any Dragon Quest fans, todays Yetee shirts DQ11 related.


I beat Octopath Traveler yesterday! I'll post some super late tips and some spoiled thoughts in the comments.


Happy Halloween everyone! I owe you a cute anime witch girl.


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Untitled Goose Game"Tactical Goosepionage Action "


Shantae and the Seven Sirens Part 1"Genie in a portable bottle"


Overcooked 2 - Carnival of Chaos"This can't be the end"


Gears 5"Still plenty of war"


Borderlands 3"'Just follow the soothing sounds of my voice'"


Blasphemous"Your suffering will be legendary"


Daemon X Machina"MATT DAEMON"


Sega Genesis Mini"Seeeeeegggaaaa (mini)"


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Control joins Witcher 3, NieR: Automata, The Witness, and Bloodstained as my 5th Absolutely remarkable


OK Mr X is kind of Not really scary or difficult to get around, just an annoying obstacle that constantly pops up and blocks progress for a few


Skyword Sword was the only other game I never Im not sad about that, but I regret never finishing Links I wanted that sweet collectors edition too, couldnt find it so I got the amiibo Any Zelda games you never complete


Baby Commando is my favorite video game Whats yours?


Platinum games should make me some breakfast, Im


Platinum games should remake Pokemon


Platinum Games should make their games out of real platinum and stop lying to the people!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Mahvel 3 (AKA the best one because Phoenix Wright) for Steam is at Voidu for $6 when you use the code GAMINGTIME -

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Indivisible has its full opening movie out It looks great!


Urgent PSA: Bye Later Its on steam, currently The first hour has been easy, but the writing and presentation are



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