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Want a sneak peak for the Animal Crossing Direct? Check out the comments!


I recently finally beat Castlevania Portrait of Ruin for the month of spooks. I also got and beat Zero Time Dilemma. Both good games. I think I liked VLR more than ZTD. And now I won't feel guilty when I think about getting the GBA Castlevania games.


Just noticed there's a free Etrian Odyssey 5 3DS theme. Don't think I've seen that mentioned yet. Sorry if it has.


Alright. I think it's time again. Ask me anything.


The last Metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace... (Also I got 100% and sorry for a crappy phone picture)


Metroid Samus Returns Day 1: This is exactly what I've been waiting for! Day 2: This game is really hard!


Seeing FF15 Pocket Edition reminds me of the old days when we'd get multiplats on completely different consoles. Like Tony Hawk for the Game Boy Color/Advance


There's a new trailer for Monster Hunter World showing off all the weapons!


Some quick thoughts

You know, I really did think things were getting better. It had been long enough I actually thought "Hey, maybe he realized being a rude dude doesn't really help and other people like different things. Neat" Additionally, it seemed pla...


Presented with as much context as I was given.


I mostly don't mind the "Also on Destructoid" stuff. But I do worry that one of these times I'll look at it and there's going to be spoilers.


My wife and I watched Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works. We really liked it and want to play the VN now. But it seems like it's not in English? Is it possible to play it legit in English?


Just got back from seeing Your Name. Goodness what a good movie!


And here I thought I was the only person left who still wanted amiibo.


That feel when you are working from home and Zelda is RIGHT THERE


Four In February 2017

Personally I've been a pretty big fan of 4 in Feb. Even though it doesn't seem to ever get brought up, I try to keep at it myself. I thought I'd write a quick blog with some brief thoughts on the 4 games I beat this February. Cause why...


Recently beat Virtues Last Reward and started Momodora (Thanks again Zaboru!). VLR was awesome (and way longer than I expected), and Momodora is also awesome so far. Also, #ThighhighThursday !


To those of you who couch co-op on PS4 and Wii U, do you have any suggestions? Especially RPGs, if there are any. (Already have Diablo on PC though)


On mobile in comment sections, images start as hidden. Could a setting be added to enable this kind of thing for qposts as well? (Also making it available for desktops would be cool too)


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