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I want these but I don't want the pay the near $500 for them. http://gematsu.com/2016/07/persona-5-futaba-sakura-akg-collaboration-headphones-announced


Getting into Graveyards, carrying beating sticks, and mob rushes. All in a day in the life of a pokemon go player apparently. Oh and pantsu. So much pantsu.


Guilty Gear doesn't get here until Friday, Mirror's Edge CE on Back order. Luck is not on my side this week.


So I made a new blog, this time it's on #Battleborn https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Trueghostbody/market-musing-simply-missing-the-mark-with-battleborn-365066.phtml


Fuck it, made it go live early: http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Trueghostbody/marketing-musings-an-offshoot-end-and-a-cinema-with-a-view-360999.phtml


Cool, I have a blog that should go live at 10 AM EST today.


Did I miss something or was it a goof that one of the featured bloggers was Jim Sterling?




The site design doesn't look bad. Different but element loading seems faster so I'm ready to see if this will stick.


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So my original account "Ghostbody" got nuked from the face of earth for whatever reason... So here I am reborn as Trueghostbody. You may still see that shambling corpse in the comments as Disqus allows that but I guess until that gets fixed or nothing ends up happening I am here. A '09'er as to being signed up here and a '07 lurker.

Conveniently, my PSN name is Thetrueghostbody and out of left field on Xbox it is Faquza. Working on writing more about games and working all the time so it is a tad bit counterproductive. Hit me up on any of the gaming services if you want to play. I have a heavy focus on fighters but I play everything under the sun.

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