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Anyone up for Smash Ultimate tonight?


Bought Cadence of Hyrule. Sure, it's fun, but tired of buying and playing video games and feeling depressed as a result.


Crypt of the Necrodancer is cheap on Switch right now, 3.99, and I bought it cause I'm an impulsive idiot (great game though)


Ya done did it Nintendo, I wasn't disappointed for a single moment during your advertisement. Congratulations on winning some of my disposable income.


I want to buy a new game on my Switch, having the next two days off, but with Wargroove in the back log and potential E3 drops on Tuesday (come on Cadence of Hyrule!) it feels kind of unwise.


I went to gay rollerskating this evening. 10/10 would recommend


So apparently nothing good comes up when you google "quinoa dog" so I tried to make one myself. Tried. #coughpettoid


Is it appropriate to decline short notice dinner invites with "I think you're great people but I'm not feeling socially capable tonight." That's what human beings say, right?


You guys believe in free will?


Without googling, how many earrings does Link from The Legend of Zelda typically wear in each ear?


As has become the Saturday night routine, went rollerskating. Decided to give the skate park a whirl and boy howdy is that a completely different set of muscles. Certainly more work than the rink.


I didn't see anything on Dtoid about the final Enter the Gungeon update, so if anyone doesn't know "A Farewell to Arms", Gungeon's swan song, drops tomorrow. Two new characters, new modes, all kinds of good shit I'm sure.


I've been going to the local roller rink on Thursday nights, when no one else is there they let me throw on my own music via Youtube. Looking for recommendations for Funk/Disco/House/Dance music that'd be great in a roller skating playlist.


I went roller skating tonight, haven't been in over a decade. First time using actual roller skates and not roller blades, but it was like riding a bike. I was the only one on the rink, a little wobbly, but I got skating backward down! Feels great!


Is Undertale good?


Rediscovering my adoration of Downwell kind of made me want to share a collection of my more recent pixel art with you guys. Thanks ShadeofLight for qposting about it https://imgur.com/a/R2UH0T6


Am I the only person to question whether Tetris 99 is actually online and not just a bunch of AI opponents?


Thought y'all weirdos might enjoy this bit as much as me #comedytoid?


Itching to purchase a pixel art turn based strategy game. Torn between Into the Breach and Wargroove. How about a vote?


Tetris 99: didn't know I wanted it, but I just can't stop playing.


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