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Picked up Dread finally. I've only got about 5 minutes of playtime but gee whiz it plays like butter.


Picked up Death's Door. It's real nice.


Today everyone is going to post about finishing Metroid Dread. I still don't have it, and believe or not the length is making me consider holding off.


Still don't have Dread. It's a travesty. Metroid has been my favorite character since I played Super Metroid on the Gameboy as a kid. I just want to step into his Variety suit again like I did on planet Zumba


Not sure if I want to have Metroid Dread or if I want to play it. I could spend all day screwing with public transit to get a physical copy. Or I can get it digital and play it after spending that time being productive. Or just.. wait to get physical.


Nintendo trying to squash Nickelodeon Allstar Brawl hype by announcing Sora. That's out today, btw.


Last night my older brother and I played Picross co-op. It was surprisingly really fun. He had never played before, and it started by us talking out solutions before I remembered that I could use a second controller.


Forgot why greyhound is awful. Bus is going to be two hours late to take me an hour away. Could have gotten a ride from my host but decided to make things "easy"


I am very surprised by today's direct. Yoko Taro tabletop card game RPG probably the highlight. But like, the everything else? And being able to play Aria of Sorrow without emulating it? Today? Aria of Sorrow, today?!


Not expecting anything new from this direct but a Smash character. One last hype push for Dread. Some more looks E3 stuff. Maybe a couple smaller titles. And something new that I already don't expect.


I can't access youtube or gmail but every other website I visit is A okay. Wassupwidat?


Super Metroid isn't a bad game, but it sure is packed with some annoying, finicky shit. I wish I had a chance to play through it when I was 10, would've really knocked my socks off. That Metroid Fusion, though...


Super Metroid on the Switch emulator feels kinda bad. Can't remap the controls, so activating missiles is done on the minus button, and it's super uncomfortable. Would be better on the pro controller, but that would mean getting out of bed.


Got my copy of Enter the Gungeon on Switch from eStarland. A little worried it's just a cellophaned used copy, but I'm not planning on opening it to inspect. Either way I'm glad to have one of my favorite games to display if I ever set down some roots


Found a new copy of a game I can't find anywhere else on a site called eStarland. Anyone ever buy from these guys before? A quick Google search says legit, with a couple of gripes sprinkled here and there.


Steam Deck is an okay name I guess, but from here on out you won't catch me calling it anything but Steamwich.


I'm planning on buying a laptop that can handle some more recent gaming this autumn, so no Steam Deck for me. Problem is, I don't know anything about computer or laptop specs. Help! Tell me how to live my life, Dtoid.


Hot take: People that buy from scalpers are worse than the scalpers themselves.


Playing Picross makes me feel like an elderly person, just content doing my puzzles while daytime television plays in the background.


Mega Man 9 is so freaking good. Going for a lemons only, no E box run for bosses and made it through the main 8. Not sure how I'll fare on the Wily levels.


Not sure about this, but curious. Currently working a seasonal hotel job in Alaska at the end(?) of the pandemic. AMA


My dad's birthday came and went, but I keep looking for interesting jigsaw puzzles, partly for future gift ideas and partly for fun. Today's find: Dr. Livingston's Anatomy series. There are 7 in total that create the human body, top to bottom.


Finished Cadence of Hyrule, wasn't too shabby! Was dissapointed the dungeons weren't proper Zelda dungeons, but it's a Crypt game first, according to the name. There is some interesting post game stuff that I'm not sure if I want to get into just yet.


The man on the left appears quite enlightened by his brothers johnson.


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