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Who's your favorite fat person?


Want to play Katana Zero, but don't want to deal with the story bits. I think I'm going to try out ScourgeBringer. Anyone try it out? Impressions?


Clicked on the Katana Zero soundtrack and I think I have to buy the game again so I can play it on Steam. Adored the combat, but wish there was some sort of gauntlet mode or something. Combat encounters all felt too brief to me.


Lol, sorry Dtoid. Can't find my name on the shirt, unfortunately the letters are too small to be at all legible. Edited for negativity.


Was a prick to a cop today at work because he didn't have a mask (and has been asked by the owner to bring one every time he has come in). I did not go about it the right way at all, I was a prick from the start. Guess I'll be taking back roads for awhile


Last Halo game I played was 3, and last one I finished was 2. The pure gameplay shown of Infinite really had me going, but kind of lost me with the big ass orc monologue.


Game idea: Mascot platformer starring Butt Chuck Funkins the tardigrade


Did you beat undertale?


Lost in Vivo is less than 7 dollars on steam right now...


No Lola Pop :( Although that was the least likely pick


"Please, don't touch anything" was made by people a lot smarter than me


I don't know anything. What kind of tech upgrade would be needed for a new Switch to run with the same performance in handheld as it does in docked? Edit: Specifically, as it runs in docked mode currently.


Peak 90s. It was all downhill from here.


Now I can finally buy Quest. Heist was my fave game of 2017, played through Dig and Dig 2 that year too. A bit over it by the end, but was a great revisit.


Never got Tarrey Town in Breath of The Wild, but this piece of music is beautiful.


Got the Gunslinger


Utter madness.


It's kinda wild that Enter the Gungeon is 1 of like 3 or 4 games not published by Nintendo that have sold more than 1 million copies on Switch.


2 1/2 hours playing Gungeon and I forgot to grab the Bullet to Kill the Past trying to unlock the Gunslinger. What a waste of time.


CRUMAR has such a benevolent presence. Edit: wrong video


This is for you, dtoid


Not a Microsoft fan, but I am itching to play Halo 2 when it comes out this Nov. Zelda and Donkey Kong looking sick, but what's up with DS? A touch screen? Of course, Sony really took it home. Jax 3, Ratchet 3, PSP, GTA:SA? 2004 is going to be a good year


Anyone got an extra Into The Breach key?


Friend of mine described Frostpunk as "It's sad. Like if Fallout started sucking dick for crack money sad."


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