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Today's daily was "gear", copied a picture of Marcus Fenix and added a little shaky animation Reference:


I've been trying to keep up with Pixel Dailies, yesterday's theme was Celeste.


Decided to try out today's theme for the Pixel Dailies twitter. It was "cliff" so I copied a screenshot from BotW's intro as best I could


Megadouser + Helix Bullets + Scattershot + Doublevision. We attempted to crash the game, but couldn't manage. Slowed to a total crawl, though


Anyone else's first run on Switch go well?


I don't remember seeing anything about it on Dtoid, but there's a Hulu app on the Switch eShop. Not sure when it became available.


Well, this is the very last thing I expected to be referenced in Mario + Rabbids


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