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As has become the Saturday night routine, went rollerskating. Decided to give the skate park a whirl and boy howdy is that a completely different set of muscles. Certainly more work than the rink.


I didn't see anything on Dtoid about the final Enter the Gungeon update, so if anyone doesn't know "A Farewell to Arms", Gungeon's swan song, drops tomorrow. Two new characters, new modes, all kinds of good shit I'm sure.


I've been going to the local roller rink on Thursday nights, when no one else is there they let me throw on my own music via Youtube. Looking for recommendations for Funk/Disco/House/Dance music that'd be great in a roller skating playlist.


I went roller skating tonight, haven't been in over a decade. First time using actual roller skates and not roller blades, but it was like riding a bike. I was the only one on the rink, a little wobbly, but I got skating backward down! Feels great!


Is Undertale good?


Rediscovering my adoration of Downwell kind of made me want to share a collection of my more recent pixel art with you guys. Thanks ShadeofLight for qposting about it https://imgur.com/a/R2UH0T6


Am I the only person to question whether Tetris 99 is actually online and not just a bunch of AI opponents?


Thought y'all weirdos might enjoy this bit as much as me #comedytoid?


Itching to purchase a pixel art turn based strategy game. Torn between Into the Breach and Wargroove. How about a vote?


Tetris 99: didn't know I wanted it, but I just can't stop playing.


If you can't handle me at my stinkiest you don't deserve me at my kinkiest.


I got mad at video games today. Super salty smash time, featuring cracked controller and hoarse throat. Special guest unhealthy behaviour. I am a grown ass man.


So I just commented on the newest impulse article, saying Katana Zero was my most anticipated game this year. Curious if a release date had been announced, I googled it to find that it had been... 9 minutes ago. March 2019 baybee!


Ball Boy makes Wii Fit look like top tier. If you play Smash you should check this out. Edit: No longer love refrigerators


Went out to see the new Spiderguy movie mostly based on the glowing reviews I saw scrolling through Qtoid and I just wanna thank y'all for the recommendation.


I took off work to play Smash and I kind of feel... depressed, I guess? Spent the days leading up to it absorbing videos on it, but now I just don't really care. I think I might ship my Switch to my brother out of state and focus on better things.


I dunno man, I feel just a tinge insulted watching my Mii pitifully chase fake currency across the screen on the My Nintendo home page.


I'm going to make you fit... into a coffin.


Impulse bought a Power A Wireless GC controller for Switch. Works well so far, but it uses Double As, it's not chargeable. I was suckered in because it looks EXACTLY like my old Wavebird.


Anyone watching Smash Summit? Hbox vs Zain was pretty tense, Zain looked great but Hbox just seems too clutch.


Got a Switch Online family plan. Willing to give up 3 of the spots. Anyone want one?


Yahtzee took a shot at Pregame Discharge in his newest video. Any press is good press?


I'd really like to see Blue Toad for Smash. Move-set includes the power-ups from the games he was featured. Up B is the propeller suit from NSMB Wii, cat suit smash attacks from 3D World, special is the ice flower, side B penguin suit slide... sigh...


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