NE: Babymetal summons Ninjala to Switch
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I don't know why this makes me feel so nostalgic, I was 2 when it came out.


A Trip to the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is one of my favorite games of all time. My current hour count on Steam is 288, but I know I've poured countless more playing co-op on the laptops of friends and family. I bought it the day it released on a whim, neve...


This was posted to a pixel art group on FB. If you're a fan of pixel art I think you should see this one.


Just impulse bought Ikaruga... been wanting to play it since I saw it on G4 when it released on Gamecube, but boy howdy am I bad at shmups.


Wondering why I've never seen anyone mention the idle animation in Celeste during which Madeline applies chapstick.


I wish y'all made some distinction between games and movies on the review sidebar. In the immortal words of old man Plinkett, "Fuck movies!"


Impulse bought Bayonetta 2 because I've been jonesing hard for something close to DMC 3 and the original Xbox's Ninja Gaiden. It's good, but not really grabbing me the same way those games did back when. Feels just like the first Bayo to me.


Today's daily was "gear", copied a picture of Marcus Fenix and added a little shaky animation Reference:


I've been trying to keep up with Pixel Dailies, yesterday's theme was Celeste.


Decided to try out today's theme for the Pixel Dailies twitter. It was "cliff" so I copied a screenshot from BotW's intro as best I could


Megadouser + Helix Bullets + Scattershot + Doublevision. We attempted to crash the game, but couldn't manage. Slowed to a total crawl, though


Anyone else's first run on Switch go well?


I don't remember seeing anything about it on Dtoid, but there's a Hulu app on the Switch eShop. Not sure when it became available.


Well, this is the very last thing I expected to be referenced in Mario + Rabbids


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