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Sonic Mania 2 when?


Played through Celeste on a keyboard. Just the main story, and a few strawberries shy. Getting a controller tomorrow, and I'm thinking about learning to speedrun it.


What about old Mario. I've never seen old Mario in a Nintendo game before. Nintendo, we want old Mario.


Since I can't comment on the E3 article because disqus sucks: Mega Man 12 or X9. 11 was fine, but felt a little cheap, and I hated how every. single. stage. had a mini boss.


Going to pick up a Switch next week and looking for a nice meaty game to get me through my excruciating seasonal job. Frontrunners are MH:Rise, Xenoblade Definitive Edition, and Fire Emblem 3 Houses. Opinions, gentry?


How's Rise, as someone that's never really played MH? I tried to play Tri years ago but not for long.


Considering getting a Quest 2 to play Beat Saber. The Facebook thing sucks but I do have a fb, and I don't have a rig or the space for some other VR headset.


Videogames should be digital only, always online, with more complex DRM measures to help prevent piracy. All digital storefronts and personal libraries should be razed once a month to make way for new titles. Publishers need more power, and fewer taxes.


Didn't realize Dtoid was such a big fan of his movies but happy birthday I guess!


Got my first tattoo 2nite


Gonna list all the games I played and all the games revisited in 2020 in the comments, for no real reason.


I just wanted to let you all know that Chuck Tingle, literary genius behind such tinglers as "Pounded in the Butt by my Own Butt" (pic below) has recently begun producing animated shorts on YT. Reminiscent of the original Professor Brothers, imho.


Boss has covid. So I'm getting tested today instead of voting. I already submitted an absentee, but heard that an in person vote would override that in my state.


There are too many videogames. There should only be 3 videogames.


anyone like videogames?


Does anyone on Dtoid play Melee on slippi?


Disappointingly, I've been me this whole time.


Today sucks. Had to call 911 at work (for a very minor scare, thankfully). Toilet handle snapped at home. What the fuck.


Who's your favorite fat person?


Want to play Katana Zero, but don't want to deal with the story bits. I think I'm going to try out ScourgeBringer. Anyone try it out? Impressions?


Clicked on the Katana Zero soundtrack and I think I have to buy the game again so I can play it on Steam. Adored the combat, but wish there was some sort of gauntlet mode or something. Combat encounters all felt too brief to me.


Lol, sorry Dtoid. Can't find my name on the shirt, unfortunately the letters are too small to be at all legible. Edited for negativity.


Was a prick to a cop today at work because he didn't have a mask (and has been asked by the owner to bring one every time he has come in). I did not go about it the right way at all, I was a prick from the start. Guess I'll be taking back roads for awhile


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