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The obligatory PSA. Happy T Day!


Forgot about the Fall Sale on Steam. Anyone gonna get anything? I might pick up some DLC for a few games.


Well, that's an interesting ad.


That’s an order, soldier!


PSA: To anyone on steam who plays Vermintide 2: I’m just getting back to the game and forgotten where all the books are. I’m sorry.


Decided after six months to finally put the catapult together.


My only regret, is that I couldn’t fist them all.


Having a blast with the new Vampire Coast dlc for Warhammer 2. Anyone else playing it?


Watching “Joy of Painting” with my kids when one says, “what if he makes a mistake?” I feel smug and say, “only happy accidents” she says “wut.” At least I thought I was clever...


Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to post weird shit on the internet.


My son asked me to draw Sonic. I forgot what he looked like.


So it took me 110 hours, but I finally won a game of Gwent in Witcher 3... I... am not a smart person.


Just dropped an open container of mayonnaise. I caught it, but slammed the jar into my nuts. Lying on kitchen floor now, heaving, with a partially chewed Italian sub in my mouth. Please send thoughts and prayers.


Just started Haunting of Hill House. To anyone who’s watched the whole thing: does it hold up? First episode was, pretty good. I will finish any video game I start, but I’m quick to quit movies and shows.


Time to get spoopy


After two days of my rig being down, I think I’ve got it fixed... Now it’s 2:40 am and I’m trying to decide if I have enough time for a quick steam fix.


So my son can’t decide if he wants to be Bowser or Bob-omb for Halloween. My daughter is still torn between Yoshi, Umbreon, or Bait ( from Dragon Prince). Don’t know how I’ll pull Bait off. What do y’all think?


Anybody catch Total War’s reveal for Pirate Coast? ZOMG!! Giant crabs, cannons, cannon boat Voltron, poop decks, and shanties!! Did I mention cannons?!


So, my PSU is dead. I have a spare, from the rig I’m building now... I’ll be putting an i5-2400 into a Carbide case with a 1050 watt EVGA gold Supernova. Truly, a Frankenstein creation for Halloween.


PSU seems to be dying, right in time for my annual horror game marathon. (Darthvadernoooo.gif)


Every night after I’d put the kids to bed and try to get some game time in, I’d ask doggins here if he wanted to go out. Not budgin? Ok, I’ll sit down in my chair. Then he’d rub his butt on the tilt control till my chair crashed down. Ok, let’


Caught some sort of hex nut headed Pokemon in GO today and it turned into a ditto. What the heck was that?


Almost made it to 17, we had a good run, buddy.


From Filip Miucin and I, hoping everyone in the Carolinas and surrounding areas stays safe.


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