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Today is a special day! Yes, it is the birthday of our favorite sentient dtoid sculpture, Able to Think! Here is the a gif of the great Auguste Rodin celebrating your birthday!


Meant to post this at midnight, but happy birthday to our favorite Canadian giant! Legends say he was raised on a diet of GFuel, poutine, and a 3 dozen eggs a day! Happy bday, Soulbow!


Happy birthday, RiffRaff! Hope you get out of the Crystal Maze for some libations!


There’s someone in your chimney hole, and Satan is his name! Happy holidays!


Tonight, on Secret Santa: DOOOOOOOOOOM! Thank you so much, this is awesome and I can’t wait to hang this masterpiece!


Happy birthday, Lex! I was going to post a gif from the sci-fi series Lexx for you, but I couldn’t decide on which phallic spaceship gif to use. Anyways... you get the other Lex, and not Luger. Have fun!


Happy birthday, Agent9! Hope you have a great day, you crazy space monkey!


Let us all give praise and birthday adulations unto MeanderBot, one of many awesome artists here!


Happy holiday, everyone! Also, since I have your attention: I just saw the Humble Choice unlock leak and it looks AWESOME.


Happy birthday Neo!


Happy birthday, Chris! Pic semi-related.


Happy birthday, Mike! Finding a Non-NSFW gif was too hard!


Wife and I took a paint class on Beholders today. Not much instruction, but still a lot of fun :D


Happy b-day to the Dtoider with the best smile, Nathan D! And also to the most curious Dtoider, Inquisitive Ravenclaw! Hopefully, age will not make you so jaded that you become Inquisitor Ravenclaw.


Happy Friday the 13th everyone!


:( Sorry to bring everyone down. Just wanted to share this picture of the majestic Sarah. I’ll miss you.


Is Agony for <$1 good for a larf or will I feel the same way Patrick Hancock does about the Council? I.e the game will rob you of irreplaceable life and the twinkle of childlike wonder.


Taking home the gold in the under 16 model painting category. Didn’t hurt she was the only entrant. 😂 but it’s good motivation for her to keep it up.


Happy belated to Ninja and Frosty! Hope y’all got to enjoy your day, doing whatever makes you happiest, whether it’s cavorting like the Greeks of old, you know the ones I mean, or sleeping, like me!


Neighbor wants us to join their Pathfinder games. I need y’all to help me, with info or a training montage, b/c I haven’t done a pen and paper since D&D 2nd edition.


1400 tickets on about $5.


Got news?  [email protected]


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Were talking about the worst collectibles in video games down in the Destructoid Forums, and you can join (Link in the


Something very important in the


How approachable is Fire Emblem Three Houses for someone new to the franchise, who has litte experience with that entire genre?


Some of my friends prefer to use their consoles over their PC gaming Now I asked a few and they said its How many of you set your PCs up in your living room or whats the convenience factor that makes you choose one over the other?


Pictured: Soulbows soul


Been curious about the Gunvolt series and will finally check them out Picked this up today during my afternoon walk (currently 90 degrees out


Im so turned on right now!


Drawfee is now 100% independent from CollegeHumor, they have a merch store and a Patreon (both I will link in the comments), and Im just so happy this was a good news update because it is 2020 and I dont get that



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