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Sitting in the hospital with my little guy for the last few hours. Anyone got anything interesting? He’s fine, we’re just bored.


I was talking to some people from Epic earlier. I asked if they were busy with the new launcher. One of them said, "Oh do you play Fortnite?" I said, "haha, oh hell no! I mean, I.. do not." My people skills need help.


Got a package in the mail today, with bonus milkshakes! Gonna watch JCVD drop his towel tonight! Thanks Wes, Dtoid, MVD, and Flixist!


It’s with a heavy heart I announce the first casualty of the snow, my mailbox. I don’t know what did it, maybe it couldn’t handle the big package thr mailman gave it. RIP 1973-2018.


Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Wife got me a bunch of minis to build. I haven’t been this involved in painting miniature models since I did Oderus Urungus’s tyranno dong! I love you all! Even you.


It’s now my birthday so I feeling like clogging up the feed with some Dissection.


I’ll take 10!


Work is interesting today.


Hope y’all are having a good thanksgiving. Missing my little garbage disposal, don’t know what to do with the scraps.


The obligatory PSA. Happy T Day!


Forgot about the Fall Sale on Steam. Anyone gonna get anything? I might pick up some DLC for a few games.


Well, that's an interesting ad.


That’s an order, soldier!


PSA: To anyone on steam who plays Vermintide 2: I’m just getting back to the game and forgotten where all the books are. I’m sorry.


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